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This page lists the key phrases integral to understanding Kemono Friends Festival.


  • Kisekiseki: The premium currency of Festival. Its name is a pun off of "kiseki" (Japanese: 奇跡, meaning "miracle") and "seki" (Japanese: 石, meaning "stone"), alluding to its rock-like appearance and value. It comes in two forms, Gold and Silver, which serve similar but separate purposes.
    • Gold Kisekiseki is used for the game's premium gacha, by which the player has a chance to receive rare Friends. 300 Gold Kisekiseki can be spent on a single pull, or 3000 can be spent on ten pulls plus one complementary. It can only be accumulated by completing new maps for the first time, receiving special one-time rewards or through in-app purchases. 3600円 will buy the player 3000 Gold Kisekiseki.
    • Silver Kisekiseki is used for the game's standard gacha, which is limited to one- and two-star Friends, with a limited selection of three-star Friends included as a rare result in the pool. Unlike its gold counterpart, Silver Kisekiseki can easily be obtained by completing maps in the game, even ones which the player has already cleared.
  • Japari Coin: A staple of the Kemono Friends universe, Japari Coins can be obtained simply by tapping the Friends who appear on the game's Home screen. A large sum of them is necessary to allow a Friend of an appropriate level to unleash her Wild Release.
  • Wild Release: A major upgrade to any eligible (maxed level) Friend that doubles her level cap in exchange for many materials and a multitude of Japari Coins. The level required for Wild Release varies by rarity, from 20 (★ Friends) to 50 (★★★★ Friends).


  • Riukiu Region: The region in which Festival takes place. It is based on real-life Ryukyu, Japan, and is home to the Shisas and many other Friends inspired by Okinawan culture and wildlife.

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