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How to get the app

The game is region-locked so unless you have a Japanese Apple or google play account, you won't be able to get it through normal means. Click the appropriate tab for the device you're using.

Creating a Japanese AppleID

All of these steps must be performed on an iOS device, they cannot be performed on a desktop computer.

  1. Completely log out of any existing AppleIDs on your device.
  2. Go to the iTunes Store app (the app for music, not the App Store), scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Sign In then Create New Apple ID
  3. Change the region from whatever country you live in to Japan on the drop-down list, then hit Cancel. You should now be in the Japanese iTunes store.
  4. Go to the App Store and find any free app (indicated by a GET button instead of a price), then press Get, then Create New Apple ID.
  5. Use a valid e-mail address that has never been associated with an AppleID and select a password you can remember, then accept the terms and conditions and press Next.
  6. Enter your personal information in the fields indicated (you can enter the same name into both the Phonetic Name and Name fields), choose security questions, then hit Next.
  7. Enter a valid Japanese address and phone number. Apple will not contact this address or number in any way unless you contact them first. If you know of a valid address you may use whatever one you prefer, but hotels and universities work well. The following information address is for Sapporo University if you need an "example".
    For a phone number, it is easy to find phone numbers for Tokyo hotels using Google.
    Street: 文京台11
    City: 江別市
    Prefecture: Hokkaido
    ZIP: 069-8555
  8. Hit next, then go to your e-mail and enter the verification code sent to you. Once you have entered it and hit Continue you should be redirected to the App Store, logged in.

Installing Festival

  • The easiest way to find Festival in the App Store is to search for "Festival" using the App Store's Search feature, then scroll through the results until you find Festival
  • Simply press "Get" to install the app. You may be prompted to re-enter your password at this step, but once you have done so the app should start downloading.

You can download Kemono Friends Festival using the QooApp application (a third-party mobile app repository). The app, like other mobile app repositories, can update the game clients as they come out. If you have the APK previously installed, QooApp will detect the previous installation.

  1. Go to the QooApp website from your Android mobile device: https://www.qoo-app.com/
  2. You can download QooApp by tapping on the icon which links to the QooApp APK.
  3. After the download completes, install/open QooApp.
  4. Search for Kemono Friends Festival「けものフレンズ FESTIVAL 」 either on the app or on the browser to install it.
  5. Download and install the game. You can regularly check for updates using QooApp.

Lucky Beast prompting you to read (green) and accept (red) legal information
After tapping the title screen, press OK to download the assets; wi-fi connection recommended

Starting the game

When running the game for the first time, you should be greeted by a Lucky Beast. The green button leads to legal information, the red button confirms the terms and continues to the main title screen. There, simply tap anywhere outside of buttons to continue; the following pop-up asks you to confirm download of the game assets, a stable wifi connection is recommended; simply tap the OK button to confirm.

Note: the download can rarely get stuck forcing you to restart the app and restarting the asset download from zero.

After the download finishes without error, the intro video plays which is unskippable so just wait until its finished. Afterwards the first dialogue takes place, tap through it or press the blue skip button. Tap the blue button that appears below the Japari Bus after a brief loading screen to begin the tutorial battle.

You can pull anywhere! / Release your finger to attack!
When a Friend has an 'OK' over their icon, tap them! / Pull and activate the Friend!

The Tutorial Battle

You will start the battle with Serval, Aardwolf, Hippopotamus Gorgops and Mountain Zebra with a golden border around their icon in your team against opponents with a purple border. Tap and hold anywhere on the screen, drag opposite of the direction you want to launch your currently selected friend (slightly bouncing while idle; first turn will be Serval) and release to fire them off. Hit an enemy to deal damage to them and bounce off. Enemies will not be knocked back but your team members will affect each other; you can use a weaker friend to shoot a stronger friend into the enemy like a billiard ball; hitting an ally will give buffs to them as well, like increasing their damage or giving them a shield, depending on the kemopower of the friend hitting them.

The number on the friend icon shows how many turns have to pass until they can use their skill. The tutorial will ready them up after the first wave; tap the friend to activate the skill use and launch them like usual and they will use it, showing a little cut-in of their animal counterpart in the process. note that your enemies also have skills which can be devastating to your team.

It can attack its surroundings with a ranged attack! / It can inflict various Status Effects, like Sleep and Poison! / Its attacks can rebound too!
When you hit that area, it'll deal more Damage than usual!

Defeat the second wave and a wave of Celliens with a boss appears. Unlike opposing friends, they do not move during their turn but stay stationary and attack in various patterns, like a cross shape. Unlike every other enemy, the boss will attack every turn additionally to their ally. Some attacks of the bosses can have special effects such as poison and sleep, dealing damage every turn for a few turns or skipping the turn of the affected friend(s) respectively. Once the bosses secondary bar fills up they use their skill, so hit the small plus mark located somewhere on its body to deal increased damage and defeating it quickly before it can defeat your team.

The Main Screen. Note the friends hiding in the bushes and the Lucky Beast
The typeset Main Menu

After The Tutorial Battle

Once you beat the tutorial battle, you will be prompted to roll the premium gacha once, giving you a random friend with a rarity of at least two stars. You will enter the main screen afterwards; a number of pop-ups will show up, skip through them. Now you'll notice a couple of friends hiding in various places, tap them to get some coins which you will need a lot of to level up your friends. There is also a lucky beast in front of the bus; tap him and then the red button to watch and ad and get random materials, including rare ones; the ad usually won't play but you will get the bonus regardless.

Once you have that done, tap the menu button with the exclamation mark, tap the presents menu and claim the pre-registration bonuses: 600 silver Kisekiseki, 3000 gold Kisekiseki and a Shiserval Right. It's recommended to use the gold Kisekiseki on the premium gacha so tap the "kemoscout" menu in the menu (or tap the banner showing hakase and shiserval lefty on the main screen) and choose the spin 10+1 option for 3000 gold Kisekiseki. A friend above the two star rarity isn't guaranteed but usually you will get at least one three star friend.

The typeset Friends Menu
typeset example of a friends info page

The Friends Menu

Party Arrangement

After rolling, you should change your team setup by going to the friends menu (clipboard icon) and choosing the top button. Choose one of the five parties you want to edit; tap on one of the friends and you'll enter the arrangement screen. Select the slot you want to change and the friend you want to put into that slot. Press the blue button in the bottom-left to return once you're finished. You can still change the order by dragging the friends, order them in a way that lets them use their skill as soon as possible, they will go in order from top to bottom.


In the Enhancement screen you can feed your friends and pink coral items to friends to increase their experience points and levels. Note that you can use friends as materials even if they aren't dupes so be mindful not to lose uniques. Feeding dupes to the same friend (e.g. a raccoon to another raccoon) will increase their skill level as well.

Wild Release

The Wild Release menu is like ascension or limit breaks known from other mobile games; feed certain material and coins to a friend to drastically increase their stats and max level.

Point Allocation

With each level up your friends gain one skill point which you can use to increase their stats (or decrease weight) in the point allocation menu. Careful: excluding weight, redistributing stat points can not be undone without paying money. Tap the red button to confirm allocation, the button to the left of that to cancel and the one left to that to reset for real money.

Friends List

Finally, the Friend List screen shows an overview of the friend you choose; her stats, strengths, weaknesses and skills and its charge-up timer. The stats are as follows:

Japanese English Effect
HP HP How much HP the friend adds to the total team HP pool
つよさ Strength How much damage the friend deals with each impact
はやさ Speed Max speed as well as how much speed is retained
おもみ Weight How strongly the friend bounces off enemies and allies

as well as how far they can launch allies (also affected by relative target weight)

せんす Sense increases chance for critical hits as well as healing japari mans to appear

The chapter select screen
Confirm your team and the battle will begin

Other Menus

The Item menu shows all the items you currently have. The settings menu lets you adjust volume as well as notifications. You can also turn off the animal-related narrations cutting off the background music during battles. Without knowledge of Japanese the Help and Notifications menus won't be of much use for you.

Tap the Adventure button (showing Serval and Boss) to enter the Adventure screen where you can choose between the main storyline and daily challenges in the other tap. Starting a battle stage will consume 1 AP; ranking up will increase your current AP back to the maximum of five. Every day you can watch five ads for one AP each by attempting to start the stage with no AP and pressing the bottom-left button in the pop-up. Should your team run out of HP, you will be able to revive up to five times a day by pressing the bottom-left button in the pop-up.

The daily event challenges are too difficult in the beginning and only recommended later once your friends are stronger.

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