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Ezo Red Fox

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Friend Data
First Appearance: Ch. 1, pg. 1
Featured in Chapters: 1-6, 8, 9, 11-14, 16-19.5
Location: Japari Park, Nana's Apartment, Own manor
Occupation: Friend
Associated Characters: Nana, Serval, Tsuchinoko, Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey, Black Rhinoceros
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Ezo Red Fox is one of the main characters in the manga and appears in the chapters fairly often. She is under the caretaker named Nana and is often seen around with her, however there are times where she wanders alone by herself.


Ezo is very self-centered and will only do things that lead to her own benefit. She is often lazy and prefers eating and sleeping all day. Ezo does not like being nagged around and would rather stay in her own preferred environment. In fact, she never came out of the city until Nana dragged her to see more of society. This improved later on as she went off by herself in need of something. Ezo is often very direct and straightforward with her thoughts and opinions which leads to hardly any second thoughts of her decisions. Because of this, she can appear as harsh. Along with Serval, Ezo does not appear as studious either as she prefers to do things that amuse her or laze around.

Although not show as often, Ezo does look out for others.

Role in the Plot




The relationship between Nana and Ezo Red Fox began rough as Ezo viewed Nana as a newbie caretaker. However, their bond improved throughout the chapters. With Nana being her caretaker, Ezo is seen with Nana together fairly often. Their relationship was great to the point where Ezo would even sleep in her apartment at times. There was a point in the manga where Nana fell "sick" and Ezo slept with her to make her feel better because she thought sickness leads to death.


  • Has a large obsession with Japari meat-buns and can be seen wanting, eating, or talking about meat-buns fairly often.