European Hare's Character Quest

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European Hare


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Striped Skunk

European Hare's Character Quest is a quest in the original Kemono Friends mobile game centered around European Hare. It takes place in the Park Central of Japari Park.


In the beginning of the story, Serval notices a long line, and begins to wonder what it is for. European Hare, currently in the line, explains that the first 100 Friends in line will receive a special limited edition Japari Bun with a premium carrot flavor. Mountain Hare then runs up to the line, prompting European Hare to say that she expected her to come. Serval comments that the two must have a good relationship, which Mountain Hare denies, saying that European Hare is her rival. Soon, Serval notices that only one of the two can taste the premium Japari Bun, as the line is already at the 99th customer.

European Hare then decides to challenge Mountain Hare for the premium Japari Bun, but a Cellien quickly attacks. After defeating the Cellien, European Hare asks Serval to act as a witness for the match between the two hares. The match begins with European Hare, obsessive about Mountain Hare, spilling information about Mountain Hare to her, which surprises her, believing that European Hare is starting the match with a psychological attack. The match has to momentarily stop once again as another Cellien attacks the group, but it resumes immediately after. During the match, Mountain Hare falls, and admits defeat, giving up on the premium Japari Bun.

European Hare asks Mountain Hare to participate in another match, and tells her that she will do as many matches as Mountain Hare is willing, which she thinks is the victor showing concern for the loser. European Hare becomes confused, and Serval explains that European Hare simply wants to play more with Mountain Hare, but the conversation stops as yet another Cellien attacks. After this fight, Mountain Hare declares total defeat, and leaves. Seeing that European Hare is confused, Serval asks if she has become lonely now that Mountain Hare has left.

Afterwards, European Hare asks permission to leave, prompting Serval to ask if she has lost interest in the premium Japari Bun, to which European Hare replies that she has lost her appetite and that she will go to the watering hole. Serval asks if she is thirsty, which European Hare denies. She explains that because of her knowledge of Mountain Hare from watching her, she thinks it is likely that she went to. Serval doesn't make a comment, but European Hare further explains that she likely left to cry after her defeat, which European Hare finds cute.


Character English Japanese
Wah, what!? What's with this line? わー、なになに、この行列!
European HareNexonIcon.png
European Hare
They're giving away a limited-time Japari Bun to the first 100 beasts who arrive. This is the line, then? 先着100名のけものに限定ジャパまんがプレゼントされるの。これは、その行列だよ。
Eeh?! A limited-time Japari Bun!? I'm going to line up! ええっ!限定ジャパまん!? 並ぶ並ぶー!
European HareNexonIcon.png
European Hare
By the way, the Bun is "premium carrot" flavored. ちなみに、『プレミアム人参味』
Oh... ... I-I'm not so sure about that flavor... ... ... ... び、微妙かな... ...
Mountain HareNexonIcon.png
Mountain Hare
Hah, haah... ... I made it!... ... Ugh, European Hare! ハァ、ハァ... ... まにあったー!... ... げげっ、ヤブノウサギ!
European HareNexonIcon.png
European Hare
Mountain Hare-chan. Fufufu, I knew you would come. ユキウサギちゃん。ふふふ、来ると思ってたよー。
Mountain Hare, do you get along well with European Hare? ユキウサギ、ヤブノウサギと仲良しなの?
European HareNexonIcon.png
European Hare
Yes... ... fufufu. うん... ... ふふふ
Mountain HareNexonIcon.png
Mountain Hare
I’m not friends with her! European Hare is my rival! 仲良しじゃないです!ヤブノウサギはライバルです!
European HareNexonIcon.png
European Hare
Fufu... ... that aspect of you is cute as well, Mountain Hare. ふふ... ... そういうところも可愛いよね、ユキウサギチャンは
Mountain HareNexonIcon.png
Mountain Hare
Ugh... ... You're teasing me again! Hah! But I can’t just do nothing like this! I have to line up for the limited-time "premium carrot" flavored Japari Bun! くっ... ... またそうやってからかうんですね!はっ!こうしちゃいられなかった!限定ジャパまん『プレミアム人参味』に並ばなきゃ!
Ah, both of you, this is bad! はっ、大変だよ二人とも!
European HareNexonIcon.png
European Hare
What’s wrong? どうしたの?
Right now, the line is already at person number 99! Only one more person is allowed to get the Bun! あの行列、今99名なんだって!あと1人しかジャパまんがもらえないよ!
Mountain HareNexonIcon.png
Mountain Hare
Wh... ... what did you say!? な... ... なんですとー!
European HareNexonIcon.png
European Hare
Hmm... ... is that so? Then, Mountain Hare-chan, shall we have a competition to see who gets the limited-time Japari Bun? ふうん... ... そっか。じゃあ、ユキウサギちゃん、限定ジャパまんを賭けて勝負する?
Mountain HareNexonIcon.png
Mountain Hare
... ... Interesting. I'll definitely win! ... ... 面白いですね。今日こそ勝ーつ!
European HareNexonIcon.png
European Hare
Fufufu. First, let's take care of that approaching Cellien. ふふふ。とりあえず、あそこに迫ってきてるセルリアンをやっつけてからね。
Mountain HareNexonIcon.png
Mountain Hare
We've defeated the Cellien, so... European Hare! Let's compete by having a hare jumping race! セルリアンもやっつけましたし、ヤブノウサギ!『ウサギ跳びレース』で勝負ですよ!
European HareNexonIcon.png
European Hare
A hare jumping race today, huh? Okay. Serval-chan, can you be the referee? 今日は『ウサギ跳びレース』なんだね。いいよー。サーバルちゃん、立会人をお願いできる?
Yes, I'll do it! Then, on your mark, get ready... ... うん、任せて!それじゃ、いくよ。よーい... ...
European HareNexonIcon.png
European Hare
Ah, come to think of it... ... Mountain Hare, you cut your bangs, huh? あ、そういえばー... ... ユキウサギちゃん、そういえば前髪切ったよね。
Mountain HareNexonIcon.png
Mountain Hare
Eh? Ah, well, just to make them even... ... え? あ、まあ、揃えるくらい... ...
European HareNexonIcon.png
European Hare
Mountain Hare is always paying attention to her hair, huh? Not that long ago, you fell down, and instead of taking care of the injury, you worried about whether or not your hair became disheveled. And you did it when it rained, too... ... ユキウサギちゃんていつも髪形に気を使ってるよね。この間、転んだ時も怪我の治療よりまずセットの乱れを気にしてたし、その前、雨が降った時は... ...
Mountain HareNexonIcon.png
Mountain Hare
W... ... why do you know even that!? Hah!? Could it be that you're trying a psychological attack before the match? That's what you're doing, isn't it, European Hare… … な... ... なんでそんな事まで知ってますかー!? はっ!? まさか試合前の精神攻撃? やりますね、ヤブノウサギ... ...
European HareNexonIcon.png
European Hare
... ...? ... ...?
I think European Hare is just speaking without thinking... ... Huh? Wawa, a Cellien is coming! We'll start the match after we finish this, okay?! ヤブノウサギ、無意識にやってるだけみたいだけど... ... って、わわ、セルリアンが来てるよ!勝負は、これを片付けてからね!
This time, we're getting a fresh start. 今度こそ仕切り直していくよー。
Mountain HareNexonIcon.png
Mountain Hare
Ugh... ... I won't lose! ぐぬぬ... ... 今日こそ、負けないっ!
Take your positions... get ready... go! 位置についてー、よーい、ドン!
Mountain HareNexonIcon.png
Mountain Hare
I won't lose!... ... Ah... ... awawawawa, kyaa! 負けませんーーーー!!... ... あっ... ... あわわわわっ、きゃあっ!
Wawa, Mountain Hare fell down!... ... She got too psyched up... ... わわ、ユキウサギ、転んじゃった!... ... 気合い入れすぎちゃったんだね... ...
European HareNexonIcon.png
European Hare
Goal... ... huh? Mountain Hare, are you alright? ゴールー... ... あれ? ユキウサギちゃん、大丈夫?
Mountain HareNexonIcon.png
Mountain Hare
Uuh... ... I can't deny it. I lost! I give up on the limited-time Japari Bun… … うう... ... っ、仕方ない。ここは、負けですよ!限定ジャパまんは諦めますよ... ...
European HareNexonIcon.png
European Hare
Eh?... ... ... ... Mountain Hare-chan, let’s have a showdown one more time. Hm, one more time? No, not just one more time...however many times you need... ... えー... ... ... ...。ユキウサギちゃん、もう一度対決しよう。もう一度やろー? もう一度と言わず、何度でも... ...
Mountain HareNexonIcon.png
Mountain Hare
Ugh, a consolation prize from you, the winner, to me, the loser, huh? How admirable, even though you're my opponent... ... As I would expect from my rival! くっ、勝者の余裕が敗北した私への気遣いですか。敵ながら天晴... ... さすが私のライバルですよ!
European HareNexonIcon.png
European Hare
... ...? ... ...?
I think European Hare just wants to play with Mountain Hare more… … Huh?! A Cellien! We can talk later! ヤブノウサギは単純に、もっとユキウサギと遊びたいでけなんだと思うなあ... ... って、セルリアン!話はまた後でー!
Mountain HareNexonIcon.png
Mountain Hare
Not only did you win the match, but you were also considerate of me, the loser. European Hare, today I face total defeat. But next time, I'll surely win! Look at me! 勝負に勝った上、敗北である私への気遣い。ヤブノウサギ、今日のところは私の完敗ですよ。しかし、次回は必ず勝ーつ!見てるんですよー!
Mountain Hare-chan left. ユキウサギ行っちゃったね。
European HareNexonIcon.png
European Hare
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
European Hare... ... Are you lonely because Mountain Hare-chan is gone? ヤブノウサギ... ...。ユキウサギが行っちゃって寂しいの?
European HareNexonIcon.png
European Hare
... ...? ... ...?
... ... Am I wrong? ... ... 違うの?
European HareNexonIcon.png
European Hare
Fufu... ... then, [protagonist], Serval, I'll be going for a bit. ふふ... ... それじゃあ、「主人公」、サーバル、私ちょっと行ってくるね。
Going where? What about the limited-time Japari Bun? 行ってくるって、どこに? 限定ジャパまんはいいの?
European HareNexonIcon.png
European Hare
The Japari Bun is fine. After all, the meaning behind it is already gone… … I'm going to the watering hole. ジャパまんはもういいよ。意味なくなっちゃったもの。... ... 水場に行くの。
The watering hole? Are you thirsty? 水場? のど乾いたの?
European HareNexonIcon.png
European Hare
Looking at how Mountain Hare-chan was moving, it's very likely that that's where she went… … fufufu. これまでのユキウサギちゃんの行動パターンからすると、ユキウサギちゃんは水場に向かった確率が高いよね... ... ふふふ。
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
European HareNexonIcon.png
European Hare
Mountain Hare-chan is crying there in secret because she feels regret... ... cute. ユキウサギちゃん、あれで結構悔しがって後でこっそり泣いたりして... ... 可愛いんだから。
Uhm, European Hare? えーと、ヤブノウサギ?
European HareNexonIcon.png
European Hare
I must watch over her in secret, as a friend… … ufufu. Mountain Hare-chan, let’s play♪ 友達として "こっそり” 見守りに行かなきゃ... ... ふふふ。ユキウサギちゃあ〜ん、あーそーびーましょー♪
... ... ... ... Ah, this is friendship, too, right? ... ... ... ... あ... ... ああいう、友情もあるってこと、だよね。
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