Draco Centauros

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Draco Centauros KF3
Draco Centauros


Character Data
Also known as: Draco
Japanese Name: ドラコケンタウロス
Romanised Name: Dorako Kentaurosu
First Featured in: Kemono Friends 3
Voiced By: Kaori Nazuka
Gender: Female

“Rawr! So this is Japari Park! I'm Draco Centauros! I'm the strongest and cutest pretty girl!”
Draco Centaurous's Introduction

Draco Centauros is a collab Friend based on the character from Puyo Puyo, who has made an appearance in Kemono Friends 3.


Has green hair, and wears a chinese dress


An energetic competitive tomboy that is always looking for new rivals. She is obsessed with beauty contests and competes in them. She is also clumsy, and not very wise, but is still kind.


As with Witch, it was reported that she came out of the game "Puyo Puyo", but the details are still under investigation. She has wings and a tail, and through the power of Sandstar, she is able to repel Celliens; however, it appears she is a different being from Animal Girls.

Rawr! I'm Draco Centauros! Cool, huh? Well, it's obvious! Besides, I'm not only the strongest, but also the prettiest girl! ...hm, a strength contest? Instead of Puyo battles? It's fine by me, here I come!

Role in the Plot

Kemono Friends 3

Draco appears in the Puyo Puyo Collab event, as a main character.



Often paired together, they are friends that either work well together or argue a lot. They like each other a lot.



  • Draco is part dragon!

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