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KF S2 Donkey (Manga).png
Friend Data
Voice Kaori Ishihara
Debut Episode 1 (Anime), Chapter 0 (Manga)
Home Area Savanna
Distribution ?
Promo No
Donkey Season 2 Festival Pavilion KF3 Nexon Game Gallery

Donkey is a Friend that appears in Kemono Friends 2.



She's reliable, cheerful and caring, getting happy when others like the food she sells on her store. She's physically tough and has good memory.


Her personality is the same with her anime counterpart.

Role in the Plot


Episode 1: Beyond Memories

Donkey appears for the first time behind a bush, telling Caracal about the location of a big Cellien she saw in the forest. She promises Caracal to let Serval know about the situation as well.

She sells food and drinks to Serval, running her own bread store inside of an abandoned truck with a sign.

Episode 11: The Ocean's Mood

She travels with Kaban and the rest of the Friends to the Hotel. When Hululu falls out of the back of the trailer when it suddenly changes directions, Donkey calls out her name and reaches out her hand to Hululu, pulling her back into the trailer.

Episode 12: I'm Home

She informs a group of Friends in the dining hall that, according to Caracal, a Cellien could copy Kyururu's drawing of Siberian Tiger. When Pronghorn asks where his drawing is, she tells them that Passenger Pigeon had it. Later, she helps encourage Kyururu to go back inside the hotel to keep the drawing safe and secure from the Celliens. She helps fight off the horde of Celliens made from his drawing on the roof of the Hotel with the rest of the Friends, and evacuates with everyone else when the Hotel collapses.


Chapter 0: Preview

She brings good news to Suri Alpaca and Eastern Spot-Billed Duck by showing the poster of Kemono Friends 2 anime. She informs bad news to the two of them that the three of them don't even show up in poster. The trio feel relieved after they received another news that they will show up in both anime and manga.

Chapter 1: Welcome to Japari Park

She tell Caracal about a huge Cellien which she saw in the forest as well reminds her to be careful even if she just investigating. She was given task by Caracal to wake Serval up if she still sleeping. Later she offers Japari Buns, Japari Chips, Japari Bread, and Japari Soda for Kyururu to eat.


  • Her clothing remains the same as her main design, albeit her color scheme, which is largely gray, shifts slightly towards a light brown.
  • She runs a bakery in both Kemono Friends 2 and Kemono Friends 3.

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