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Dire Wolf

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Friend Data
Actress: Anna Yamamoto
Dire Wolf Festival KF3 Nexon Game Stage Play KemoV Gallery

Dire Wolf appears as a character in =LOVE Stage Project "Kemono Friends".


Dire Wolf loves acting and tends to be a bit stubborn when it comes to acting.

Role in the Plot

She and Gastornis used to do a play together, but they had a falling out over whether the play needed singing or not. One day she went to the Japanese River Otter Inn at the request of Arizonan Jaguar. Dire Wolf went to the inn to teach a play, and there she met Gastornis again. She gave Sivatherium and Great Auk a lesson in play-acting. During the lessons, Dire Wolf herself realized the importance of "self" and "friends" in the play. She was then able to make up with Diatrima. However, she and Gastornis argued over whether to practice singing first or acting first, and once again she and Gastornis had a falling out. Her will was firm, but she was told by Great Auk and Tsuchinoko that if she could be anything in a play, she could also be in a singing role, and she returned to Dreaming Friends Theater Company. Later, she rescued Japanese Wolf that had been attacked by celliens and tried to play the play. However, she got the cue wrong.



Dire Wolf likes to act and Gastornis likes to sing, and they fight a few times because of their incompatibility. They eventually get along.

Japanese River Otter

When Dire Wolf did a play with Gastornis a long time ago, Japanese River Otter rented out the inn as a practice space. Therefore, she knows them both very well.

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