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Like many other mobage, Kemono Friends Festival utilises the gacha mechanic. It is the main method by which players acquire new Friends to use in-game.

The main distingushing feature of Festival gacha is that there are two pools from which the player can draw, each with their own currencies, rates and possible Friends. Furthermore, Festival gacha works internally on a 'lottery' system; each friend is allotted a certain number of tickets out of a total, the amount of which consequently determining their chances of being pulled. These lists will include both the number of tickets listed in the game's data and percentage chances calculated withal.

Premium Gacha
  • Premium gacha requires Gold Kisekiseki to pull from. They are earned as one-time rewards from completing stages or via daily login bonuses and occasionally Lucky Beast advertisements. A single pull costs 300, and 10 rolls plus an additional bonus pull cost 3000.
  • The pool consists of every ★★, ★★★ and ★★★★ Friend in the game, excluding Shiserval Right and expired limited-time Friends. ★ Friends cannot be pulled under any circumstances.
  • Non-event rateups consist of two specific 4-star Friends advertised on the banner in-game.
  • Event rateups consist of any number/rarity Friends (typically 3 or 4 stars). The Friends are removed from the pool when the event week end and presumably can never be obtained again afterward.
Normal Gacha
  • Normal gacha requires Silver Kisekiseki to pull from. They are earned as common drops from stages, and can also be acquired via login bonuses and advertisements. A single pull costs 300, and an additional function allows the player to pull as many times as they can afford (up to 10 at once). However, Normal gacha has no bonus pulls, even when pulling 10 at a time.
  • The pool consists of all ★ Friends, a small amount of ★★ Friends and a couple of specifically advertised ★★★ Friends. ★★★★ Friends cannot be pulled under any circumstances.
  • There are no observed rateups in the normal pool, even during events

Keep in mind that there are no guarantees in either pool. Festival does not, for example, guarantee at least one 3-star Friend upon performing a 10+1 Premium pull. Knowing this, you should consider your Premium rolls very carefully; after performing your first Premium roll (and re-rolling it via re-installation to your liking, if you wish), think about what your net gains could possibly be and whether or not you really need them to finish the game, as Gold KSK are difficult to gain once you have exhausted all Story missions.
Normal rolls, on the other hand, are incredibly easy to finance and should be done whenever you have the Silver KSK to do so.

Current Gacha Rates

These lists are correct as of 6/23/18.

Current Event Premium

The following changes apply from Non-Event Premium:

  • ★★★★ Northern White-Faced Owl and ★★★★ Shiserval Lefty are unavailable. They are replaced by ★★★★ Idol Humboldt Penguin and ★★★ Indian Peafowl.
  • New rates are as follows:
    • Idol Humboldt Penguin has 319 out of 39631 tickets (0.8%)
    • Indian Peafowl has 595 tickets (1.5%)
    • ★★★★ Friends have 481 tickets total, 37 tickets each (1.2%, 0.1%)
    • ★★★ Friends have 6534 tickets total, 363 tickets each (16.5%, 0.917%)
    • ★★ Friend rates remain unchanged. (80%, 3.64%)

Non-Event Premium

★★★★ Friends

795 tickets total out of 39625; 53 tickets each. 2% chance to pull in total. Each individual friend has a 0.13% chance.
Shiserval Left and Northern White-Faced Owl are currently advertised on the banner, although they have no rateups.

★★★ Friends

7128 tickets total out of 39625; 396 tickets each. 18% chance to pull in total. Each individual friend has a 1% chance.

★★ Friends

31702 tickets total out of 39625; 1441 tickets each. 80% chance to pull in total. Each individual friend has a 3.64% chance.


Current ★★★ Friends

12 tickets total out of 11172; 6 tickets each. 0.1% chance to pull in total. Each individual friend has a 0.05% chance.

★★ Friends

324 tickets total out of 11172; 81 tickets each. 2.9% chance to pull in total. Each individual friend has a 0.725% chance.

★ Friends

10836 tickets total out of 11172; 774 tickets each. 97% chance to pull in total. Each individual friend has a 6.93% chance.

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