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Crested Ibis

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Friend Data
First Appearance: Volume 1 Chapter 4
Featured in Chapters: 4, 6
Occupation: Friend
Crested Ibis Anime Manga Festival​ (Costume)​ Pavilion Nexon Game Gallery

Crested Ibis is a Friend that appears in a few chapters of the manga.


Crested Ibis wants nothing more than to find others who would like her singing. Unfortunately, in most scenarios, her voice tends to be very repulsive and makes almost everyone avoid her. She heavily laments the fact that no one likes her singing, to the point that she even considered if she should stop singing completely.

Role in the Plot

Volume 1 Chapter 4

Crested Ibis makes her first appearance during Nana's welcoming party, offering a song. She was presumably asked by Serval and Caracal to deliver her song. Unfortunately, her voice ends up hurting everyone and was told to stop singing swiftly.

Volume 1 Chapter 6

Crested Ibis is the focus of Chapter 6, where she makes an appearance during a picnic with Nana and Ezo Red Fox. Her voice once again makes them very uncomfortable, and Nana unfortunately said something negative that she didn't intend to say to Crested Ibis, so she tries to console her, but Ezo Red Fox keeps on making the mean comments still.

Determined to help, Nana talks to Crested Ibis personally as they try to think of a solution to her woes. She almost considered completely giving up singing, which Nana was determined to not happen. Nana then has this idea to let her sing in an area in the park where there are misbehaving visitors, unbeknownst to her that this is to shoo them away rather than make them appreciate her singing. Nana compliments her for a job well done and has her do this a few more times, but this has made Crested Ibis very unhappy.

One day, Crested Ibis decides to continue searching for someone who would appreciate her singing, and is when she encounters Tsuchinoko who is going out to the surface for the first time. Tsuchinoko asks her if she has something interesting, so she decides to sing for the cryptid. Tsuchinoko tells her that she liked her song, which makes her very happy, to the point of even calling Tsuchinoko a "best friend".



She called Tsuchinoko a "best friend". However, it is unknown if they have interacted after that fact.

Scarlet Ibis

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