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Crested Ibis

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Friend Data
Voiced by:
金田朋子 Kaneda Tomoko
KFKWonder.png Wonder
KFK AOE Assaulter.png Group Assaulter
Attack Type:
May 31, 2022 (Launch)
ID #:
Crested Ibis Anime Season 2 Manga Festival​ (Costume)​ Pavilion​ (Gen 2)​ KF3​ (V2)​ Kingdom Nexon Game Gallery

Crested Ibis is a Friend that appears in Kemono Friends Kingdom.


“Oh, how I wish I could sing to my heart's content!”
Crested Ibis's profile

Though gentle and quiet when speaking, Crested Ibis loves to sing her heart out loud and proud for anyone and everyone to hear. She practices her singing diligently, and is always eager to perform for a willing listener. Unfortunately, her song is most strongly characterised by how hard it is on the eardrums; its harsh, blaring tone packs enough of a punch to burst an entire swarm of Celliens. Most Friends lack the heart to be honest about her discordant tune, but all appreciate the protection it provides against the persistent Cellien threat.

Though no one tells her the truth about her singing voice, Crested Ibis is somewhat aware that her song is both a blessing and a curse. She can be self-conscious about the matter, and is pained when she causes agony to her friends, but she nonetheless keeps trying her best to perfect her melody through diligent practice.


Japanese English
? I am Crested Ibis. I sang all the time, before I met my partner.

Role in the Plot

Treasures Beyond the Horizon

After a misunderstanding occurs in a conversation with Suri Alpaca's about how to generate traffic for her mountaintop cafe, Crested Ibis takes off across Kingdom and spreads a story about a treasure atop the mountain. This spurs a race to the mountain in search of the treasure, sparking the event story. Despite being the initiator of the story, she is absent during its events.

It is only after the conclusion of the treasure hunt, and following a conversation with Fennec Fox and Raccoon, that Crested Ibis realizes her mistake; accompanied by Raccoon, she sets out to apologize to the various Friends she misled, unaware that they really had found something at the mountain's peak.



Crested Ibis gets along well with Jinri, who is very supportive of her singing.

Suri Alpaca

Crested Ibis is the most regular visitor to Suri Alpaca's cafe, and the two are good friends. If she sees an opportunity to promote the cafe and help her friend's business, Crested Ibis will pounce on the chance- even if her good intentions cause some unintended trouble.


Friend Stats
Base Max Base Max
HP 1025 6656 PATK 77 462
PDEF 183 1092 SATK 258 1682
SDEF 179 1070 Speed 49 49
Breakthrough1.png Breakthrough2.png Breakthrough3.png Breakthrough4.png Breakthrough5.png
Sheepish Tea Party

Upon victory, if both Suri Alpaca and Crested Ibis are on the team, Crested Ibis's Miracle DMG is permanently increased by 2%, up to +40%.

Kemono Miracle Level +3 COMBO Effect +35% Self Radiant Advantage Multipler +25% Cloud Chanting(?)

The Max Miracle DMG Boost of [Sheepish Tea Party?] (Potential) is increased to 65%. At max stacks, [Could You Help With My Practice?] (Habit) gains 170% more ATK by dispelling other Friends' buffs.

Radiant Effect
Awaken Tier 1: Self Radiant Advantage Bonus +3%

Awaken Tier 2: Self Radiant Advantage Bonus +12%

Feel What I Feel
Crested Ibis showcases her singing voice and attacks all enemies using soundwaves 3 times, dealing SDMG equal to 1007% SATK.

Awaken Tier 0/1: After using her Miracle, she gains +1482/+1746 ATK this round.

Awaken Tier 2: After using Miracles, all Friends gain +518 ATK this round.

1, 2, Sing!
Relatable Feelings
Could You Help With My Practice?
Crested Ibis starts chanting(?) and makes all incoming buffs 5% more effective. When attacking a Cellien with more than 50% HP, Crested Ibis's singing voice causes a strong resonation that increases damage by 57%. When using her Miracle, Crested Ibis dispels all buffs on other Friends. For every buff dispelled, Crested Ibis gains +15 SATK for this round.
Nature Skill Empathizer Seeker Lv.1/2
House of Water Production Rate +1%/+1.5%
Combo Tea Party on the Mountains
KFKSuriAlpacaCombo.png KFKCrestedIbisCombo.png

Suri Alpaca, Crested Ibis

All Friends gain 5 stacks of buff (ATK +19% in total) for 7 rounds.
Special Attributes
KFK Up Arrow.pngThis Friend is capable of flight, allowing them to avoid ground-based hazards.


  • Crested Ibis pairs very well with her COMBO partner, Suri Alpaca, as their COMBO Effect grants buffs to them and their teammates; Crested Ibis can dispel these from her allies using her third Habit, "Could You Help With My Practice?", in turn gaining a SATK boost, or she can use her first Habit- "1, 2, Sing!"- to improve those buffs on herself.
    • Pairing Crested Ibis with Suri Alpaca is necessary in order to utilise Crested Ibis's first and fifth Breakthroughs, which permanently increase Crested Ibis's Miracle damage by 2% for each victory shared by the pair; this caps at a +40% increase with Breakthrough 1, and increases to a +65% increase with Breakthrough 5. Taking advantage of these Breathrough benefits is essential in order to unlock the full capabilities of Crested Ibis as a damage dealer, especially at higher levels of game play.
  • As a Group Assaulter Friend, Crested Ibis operates best on stages with multitudinous enemies or against Boss Celliens with multiple components.
  • Crested Ibis is an extremely powerful Friend for the early to mid-game, clearing many Main Story stages with ease regardless of enemy Radiance. However, her overall power can fall off notably at higher difficulties and in areas such as Raids, so she prefers to stick to advantageous match-ups at these levels unless she has adequate support.



  • Based on promotional material for Kemono Friends Kingdom, such as the CG-animated trailer found on the game's website, it is possible that Crested Ibis was at one point meant to be a main character in the game's story, and may have accompanied Jinri in her travels alongside Least Weasel and Serval, the latter of whom does not serve this role in the final product either.
    • Possibly supporting this is the fact that Chevrotain, who is believed to have been implemented relatively late in the game's development, is absent from this animation.


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