Common Vampire Bat's Character Quest

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Common Vampire Bat


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Wild Bactrian Camel
Passenger Pigeon

Common Vampire Bat's Character Quest is a quest in the original Kemono Friends mobile game centered around Common Vampire Bat.


The story opens in the An'in Region of Japari Park, in a heavily forested area, where Namichi has spotted Serval, and she laughs to herself. Serval is having difficulty seeing due to fog, and is worried about the sudden appearance of Ceruleans. However, instead, she triggers Namichi's trap, which sends berries flying into her, scaring her and making her think that a Cerulean is attacking. However, Namichi appears and proudly exclaims that her latest prank is a success, cackling. Serval, irritated, tells Namichi not to surprise her like that, but she is too busy enjoying the results of her handiwork. Serval expresses disgust at the juice of the berries covering her, and Namichi notes that she used rotten berries, because it would be dangerous to use harder, ripe berries. Serval is annoyed that she would continue with the prank after putting such consideration towards her victim.

Dismissing her, Namichi already begins to plan her next prank. Serval notices and seems disappointed that she isn't listening to her, but is distracted when she hears an odd noise, assuming Namichi has already set up another prank. However, Namichi refutes this, stating that she hasn't done anything, which Serval, still covered in berry juice, says is mean. However, Namichi notices a Cerulean, and a surprised Serval asks if it was attracted by the noise the two were making. Namichi decides not to ponder on the question and to proceed to defeating it, which Serval agrees with. The two then defeat the Cerulean together and part ways.

A few days later, Serval and Caracal are hunting Ceruleans together, and Serval notes that Namichi has been pranking her every day. Caracal mentions that recently Namichi has been fond of using a pitfall trap, but moves on to wondering where the Ceruleans are. Meanwhile, Namichi is wandering around nearby, and notices Serval. Serval, without even seeing her, says that she feels Namichi's presence, and that she must be close. Caracal remarks that Serval has been pranked so many times, she must have become able to tell when Namichi is nearby. Namichi calls out to the two, and Serval exclaims that she is not going to be pranked. However, Namichi corrects her, saying that is not why she has called out to them, and points them in the direction of a Cerulean.

Caracal notes that because of this, now is not the time to confront Namichi on her pranks, and focuses on battling the Cerulean. Serval agrees, but ponders on why Namichi was present at all. After the three defeat the Cerulean together, Serval asks if that should be all of the Ceruleans for today, and Namichi says that it seems that way, thanking her for her hard work. Caracal, curious, asks why Namichi is here, and she explains that because the two of them always let her prank them, she is willing to lend them a helping hand if they need it.

This reminds Caracal of a custom of altruism among the Common Vampire Bat, which Serval becomes curious about. She explains that, according to a Park Guide, a common vampire bat may be willing to sacrifice their own body in order to help others. Serval considers this second-hand Guide knowledge, however, it does make her ponder on the possibility that Namichi is in fact kind at heart. Before Serval can think on this further, however, she notices that Namichi has actually gone missing, and asks herself where she has gone. Her question is soon answered, as Namichi calls out to them, asking them to follow her, as there are more Ceruleans nearby, and Serval and Caracal follow her to the Ceruleans.

After the fight, Namichi exclaims that with this, the Ceruleans in the area have been cleared out. Serval thanks her for her help, glad that the trouble is gone. Namichi says that despite always pranking the two, she considers them her friends, and hints that there is something else she must say. Serval inquisitively asks, but is met with Namichi's cackling as Serval and Caracal trigger another berry prank, surprising them. Namichi exclaims that it's boring without someone to prank, and that it makes her lonely, and asks the two to allow her to enjoy herself from now on, cackling afterwards. Caracal sadly reflects on the fact that the two were pranked again. However, grateful for Namichi's help, says that so long as it is a light prank like this, she will be patient with her for a while. though Caracal says she had almost given up, which Serval agrees with.

“After that, we got pranked every day by Namichi. But when we're in a pinch, she always comes to help us...”
Serval, in her diary

Sometime later, Serval has once again been caught in one of Namichi's traps. Namichi is wondering what she is thinking about, asking if Serval has become frozen in shock. Serval, frozen in shock, can only react with tears after falling for a trap that combines both the pitfall prank and berry prank, with Namichi cackling at her. Serval says she will not forgive Namichi, but she responds by saying that she will prank Serval tomorrow as well, along with the day after tomorrow, and asks her to follow her while cackling. Serval yells at her to wait, and the story ends.


Character English Japanese
Common Vampire BatNexonIcon.png
Common Vampire Bat
Kikiki... ... I've found you... ...! キッキッキ... ...!みぃつけた... ...!
It's really foggy today, so I'm having trouble seeing in front of me… … A Cellien won't appear all of a sudden, right? 今日、ちょっと霧が出ていて先が見づらいねー。... ... 急にセルリアン出てこないよね?
Common Vampire BatNexonIcon.png
Common Vampire Bat
Kikiki! キッキッキ!
Uwah!? A C-Cellien!? No, suddenly there's berries flying all around me! … Huh? Berries? うわぁ!? セ、セルリアン!? 急に木の実が飛んできたよ!... ... 木の実?
Common Vampire BatNexonIcon.png
Common Vampire Bat
The prank is a success! Kikiki! イタズラ成功ー!キッキッキー!
Namichi... ...! Geez, don’t surprise me! ナミちー... ...!もー、びっくりしたじゃん!
Common Vampire BatNexonIcon.png
Common Vampire Bat
It's amusing to see Serval trembling after she's been pelted with berries! 木の実、ぶつけられてオドオドしていたサーバル面白かったぞ!
Ugh... ... I'm covered in fruit juice... ... うぅー... ...。木の実から出てきた汁まみれだよー... ...
Common Vampire BatNexonIcon.png
Common Vampire Bat
That's because I threw rotten fruit at you. It'd be dangerous if I threw hard fruits at you, right? 腐ったやつ投げつけたからなー。硬いのは、危ないだろ?
If you can be that considerate, you shouldn't do something like this in the first place... ... そういう機を使うなら、最初からやらないでよー... ...
Common Vampire BatNexonIcon.png
Common Vampire Bat
Those are two different things! Now, what kind of prank will I pull next?! それとこれは別だな!さぁって、次はどんなイタズラ仕掛けてやろうかなー!
Geez, it looks like she’s already thinking of something new... ... Hm, what's that sound... ...? Don’t tell me she's already started work on her next prank?! もう次に何をするか考えているみたいだし... ...。んっ、この音は... ...? まさか、また何か仕掛けているの?
Common Vampire BatNexonIcon.png
Common Vampire Bat
I didn’t do anything, you know? 私は、もう何も仕掛けていないぞー?
... ... That’s mean? ... ... って、事は?
Common Vampire BatNexonIcon.png
Common Vampire Bat
... ... Gya! It’s a Cellien! ... ... ぎゃー!セルリアンだー!
Did they come because we were too noisy!? 私達が騒いでいたから寄ってきちゃったのかな!?
Common Vampire BatNexonIcon.png
Common Vampire Bat
A-anyhow, let’s defeat it! とっ、とにかく戦おう!
Y-yes! うぅ、うん!
It's been a few days since then, but I'm still caught off guard by Namichi's pranks every day... ... あれから数日が経ったけど、ナミちーのイタズラに日々驚かされているよ... ...
Recently, it’s been pitfalls, right?… … By the way, I wonder where the Cellien is? この前は、落とし穴だったわね... ...。ところで、現れたセルリアンってどこかしらね?
Common Vampire BatNexonIcon.png
Common Vampire Bat
Kikiki♪ … … Hm? Oh, could it be? キッキッキ♪... ... ん? あれ、もしかして?
This presence!? Namichi must be close! この気配!? ナミちーが近くにいるよ!
You've been pranked so many times that you're able to feel her presence... ... イタズラされ過ぎて、気配まで感じられるようになっちゃったのね... ...
Common Vampire BatNexonIcon.png
Common Vampire Bat
Serval! Caracal! サーバルー!カラカルー!
So, you've come, huh?!... ... 来たわね... ...!
I’m not going to get pranked! イタズラされないよー!
Common Vampire BatNexonIcon.png
Common Vampire Bat
That's not it! A Cellien is coming from over there! そうじゃないー!セルリアンが向こうから来たぞー!
... ... There's no time for this, huh? Let’s fight them! ... ... それどころじゃなかったみたいね。相手しましょう。
Yes!... ... But, why is Namichi here... ...? うんっ!... ... でもなんで、ナミちーがここに... ...?
That's all for today, right? ひとまず、こんなところかな?
Common Vampire BatNexonIcon.png
Common Vampire Bat
It seems so! Thanks for your hard work! だな、お疲れ!
By the way, Namichi, I'm curious, why are you here? ところで、ナミちーがなんでここにいるのかしら?
Common Vampire BatNexonIcon.png
Common Vampire Bat
How reserved! Both of you are always letting me play pranks on you, right? As thanks, I'll lend my hand and help sometimes! なんだ、水臭いなー!いっつも、イタズラさせてもらってるだろ? だから、たまには手伝いにってね!
That reminds me, don't Common Vampire Bats have a custom of altruism? そういえば、ナミチスイコウモリって利他行為の習慣があるのよね。
Altruism? 利他行為?
It means that they're willing to sacrifice even their own body to help someone... ... At least, that's what I've heard. I have a feeling that it was something Guide-san said before... 誰かの為に自分の犠牲もいとわない行動って事... ... だとかなんとか、ガイドさんが前言ってた気がするわ。
Second-hand knowledge from Guide-san, huh? Could it be that Namichi is actually very kind?... ... Huh, where’d Namichi go? ガイドさんの受け売りなんだね。それにしても、もしかしてナミちーって、本当はすごく優しい... ...? って、ナミちーどこいったの?
Common Vampire BatNexonIcon.png
Common Vampire Bat
Oi! There are still Celliens in that direction! Let’s go, quickly! おーい!まだ向こうにもセルリアンがいるぞー!早く行こう!
Ah, I’ll go now! Wait for me! あっ、いま行くよ!待ってー!
Common Vampire BatNexonIcon.png
Common Vampire Bat
Fuh... ... First of all, with these gone, the Celliens on this side are finished. ふぅー... ...。とりあえず、ここらへんのセルリアンはこれで全部だな。
Thanks to Namichi, we saved a lot of trouble. Thank you! ナミちーのお陰で、助かったよ。ありがとう!
Common Vampire BatNexonIcon.png
Common Vampire Bat
I’m always making pranks, but, I’m your friend... ... And... いつもイタズラしてるけど、仲間だからな。... ... それに
And? それに?
Common Vampire BatNexonIcon.png
Common Vampire Bat
... ...Kiki! ♪ ... ... キキッ♪
Uwah! The berries again!? うわぁ!また木の実だー!?
Common Vampire BatNexonIcon.png
Common Vampire Bat
It’s boring if there’s no partner for me to prank, and it’s lonely, too! Let me have fun with it from now on! Kikiki! イタズラする相手が居ないとつまらないし、寂しいからな!これからも楽しませてもらうぞ!キッキッキ!
Hey! こらー!
We've been pranked... ... やられたわね... ...
Ugh... ... But, if it’s only going to be light pranks, I think I'll be patient for a little while... うぐぐ... ...。けど、まぁ優しいイタズラなら少しは我慢しようかな。
I was close to giving up... 半分くらい諦めたわね。
... ... Yeah. ... ... うん。
SERVAL'S DIARY After that, we got pranked every day by Namichi. But when we're in a pinch, she always comes to help us... 〜サーバルの日記〜

それからも、毎日のようにナミちーのイタズラが私達を襲っているよ。でも、ピンチの時はいつも助けてくれ... ...

Common Vampire BatNexonIcon.png
Common Vampire Bat
What are you thinking about? If you're feeling shocked... ... 何を考え込んでいるんだ? あんまりぼーっとしていると... ...
Nigyaa!? にぎゃーーー!?
Common Vampire BatNexonIcon.png
Common Vampire Bat
Today is pitfalls and berries! Kikiki! 今日は、落とし穴と木の実だぞ!キッキッキー!
... ... Like I expected... I won't forgive you! ... ... やっぱり、今日という日は許さないんだからー!
Common Vampire BatNexonIcon.png
Common Vampire Bat
I'll prank you tomorrow, and then the day after tomorrow, too! Look, over here! Kiki♪ 明日も明後日もイタズラするからなー!ほら、こっちだよー!キキッ♪
Hey! Wait! こらー!待てーーー!
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