Chestnut Horse/Anime

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Chestnut Horse


Friend Data
Voice Kanako Takatsuki
Debut JRA Crossover
Home Area Tokyo Racecourse
Distribution ?
Associates Seal Brown Horse, White Horse
Promo No
Chestnut Horse Anime Pavilion KF3 Gallery

Chestnut Horse is a Friend who appeared in the JRA Crossover ONA, Uma no Friends.


Chestnut Horse is friendly, having been excited to meet Serval and Kaban in the stables and was happy to cheer everyone on at the race with Seal Brown Horse. She is also kind enough to share her food with Serval and Kaban, even though she had only just met them.

Role in the Plot

Chestnut Horse can be seen on the left taking a curious look at the bus.

Chestnut Horse makes her appearance when Serval and Kaban discover her eating hay cubes from a bucket in the stables of the Tokyo Racecource. She is happy to meet the two and offers some of her food to them, saying that they'll feel energetic and run faster if they have some. After this, Serval and Kaban continue touring the Racecourse with Seal Brown Horse. Chestnut Horse later returns to cheer on the racers when Serval and Kaban agree to race Seal Brown Horse. At the conclusion of the race, Chestnut Horse has taken an interest in the Japari Bus and can be seen gazing it.


Seal Brown Horse

Chestnut Horse comes to Seal Brown Horse's race with Serval and Kaban to cheer everyone on.

White Horse

White Horse appears at Seal Brown Horse's race along with Chestnut Horse and they both watch the race from the sidelines.