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Friend Data
Voiced by:
Nonaka Ai 野中藍
Attack Type:
Short-Range Short Range.png
Medium NexonMedium.png
"Nyan Nyan Family" Nyan Nyan Family.png
Yes NexonNocturnal.png
Serval Working Hard Bomber
ID #:
Cerval Nexon Game

Cerval appeared as a major character during the original Kemono Friends mobile game. She is also a member of the Nyan Nyan Family.


She's very curious. She's good at imitating Serval, although according to her the said person clumsiness giving her a hard time in imitating it.


I'm Cerval. At first I'm a cerulean but, many things happened, I'm Serval friend. Together with you and everyone is fun. That's why, let's go together. No? But let's go together. Because, it's better that way


Friend Stats
Maximum HP: 6,203 Maximum ATK: 5,990
Movement: 95 Attack Speed: 51
Knockback: 55 Anti-Knockback: 56
Reach: 25 Damage Per Second (Single Target): 3,054
Skill Charge Speed: 5 Maximum Targets: 1
Advantageous Terrain: NexonPlains.png Disadvantageous Terrain: NexonSnowfield.png

Voice Lines

Line Japanese English
私、セーバル。あなたのために頑張る I'm, Cerval. I try my best for your sake
Battle Cry
うん、気配、する。セーバルも行くよ Yes, there is sign of their presence. Cerval will also go
邪魔、本当だよ What a nuisance, I'm serious
勝利したね。わい〜わい〜、セーバルも嬉しい We won. Waii Waii, Cerval is also happy
Level Up
セーバル、強くなった。早く試してみて Cerval, have become strong. I want to try this soon
Wild Release
この感じ、わかった。セーバル、きっと少しかわいくなった。本当だよ This feeling, I understand. Cerval surely have become cuter. I'm serious

Home Screen Lines

Yamata No OrochiNexonIcon.png
"I'll hear what you have to say."
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