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Cellien Hunters from Anime Season 1.

Cellien Hunter (Japanese:セルリアンハンター Hepburn: Serurian Hantā) is one of the occupations of the Friends. It is the job of fighting and defeating Celliens.


Details of the origins of the Cellien Hunters are not known, but it is likely that they predate the JSRT or Japari Park Guard Force that appears in Kemono Friends 3. In the era in which they are active, the general Friends do not deal with giant Celliens; the common method of dealing with them is to contact a cerulCellien Hunter to get rid of them.


Kemono Friends (2017 Anime)

The earliest mention of Cellien Hunters was in episode 9, Silver Fox.

S1E11: Cellien

During the extermination of the giant Cellien, they meet with Kaban and Serval. However, the extermination has to be suspended because the giant Cellien has become even more powerful with the help of Sandstar Raw. Then, after a meeting of Friends led by Kaban, it was decided to exterminate the giant Cellien, according to a plan drawn up by Kaban.

S1E12: Amusement Park

When Kaban is in danger, the Friends gather together via the Lucky Beast, and the Cellien Hunter joins them to confront the giant Cellien. The three Cellien hunters joined forces and succeeded in inflicting heavy damage on the giant Cellien.


Kemono Friends (2017 Anime)

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