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KF3 Caretaker Changeroom.png

KF3 Caretaker Changeroom+.png

Name: Rarity: Type: Obtained From: Illustrator: Limited: Name (JP): ID:
Caretaker Changeroom Nexon2Star.png Defense Gacha Ryō No 飼育員更衣室 3011
Stat Base Max
Stamina 247 538 Unique Trait

Resistence towards poisoned increased (low)


Attack 175 385
Defense 36 72
Story: Japari Park Caretaker changes their cloth here and after that heading towards the Friends they're assigned to.

To get along more with Friends, there are also Caretaker that bring various items.

Update History: 9/24/2019: Added to Kemono Friends 3.


  • The character in the upgraded photo is most likely Nana.
  • The white snake toy next to the book in the photo's base form is a reference to Chapter 4, Page 65, of Volume 1 of the Welcome to Japari Park Manga. Where Caracal tries to prank Nana during her Welcoming Party with a Serval pop-up toy, but gets tricked herself by a pop-up snake toy Serval had swapped it out with!
  • The book in of itself in the photo’s base form is another reference to the same chapter, a book most likely about Ezo’s favorite food Meat Buns, which she's seen reading in Page 60, Chapter 4, Volume 1 of the Manga, before her lounging is interrupted by her Caretaker Nana to eagerly tell her about them being invited to Serval's party.
  • The golden stopwatch that appears in the locker in the photo’s base form, and the one being held by who appears to be Nana in the upgraded form is another reference to the Manga, from Chapter 3, Page 45, Volume 1. Which Mirai gives to Nana in order to time Serval and Koala on their run, as one of the several activities during their fitness test. The stopwatch is also held by Nana in her newer design as well, being a nod to this as well.
  • Judging from the clock on the wall and how there's sunshine outside the window the base photo takes place at 10:31 AM, and the upgraded photo takes place at 10:45 AM, meaning exactly 14 minutes have passed since the two photos have been taken.
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