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KF S2 Caracal (Manga).png
Friend Data
Voice 小池理子(Riko Koike)
Debut Episode 1
Home Area Savanna
Distribution ?
Associates Kyururu, Serval
Promo Yes
Caracal Season 2 Manga Festival​ (Costume)​ Pavilion​ (Gen 2)​ KF3​ (V2)​ Kingdom Nexon Game KemoV Gallery
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Caracal is a Friend that appears as one of the main characters of Kemono Friends 2.


Caracal is calmer and more level-headed compared to Serval, whom she tries to keep a check on. She is sharp-tongued and quick to diss others' words and actions.

Role in the Plot

Caracal decides to help Kyururu find a home with Serval, largely watching over Serval and Kyururu.

Episode 1 - Beyond Memories

Caracal first appears hiding behind a bush with Donkey and chatting with her on large Celliens in the area. While searching for Celliens in a patch of forest, she encounters Kyururu. Having never seen Kyururu before, she asks what type of animal Kyururu is. She urges Kyururu to leave only for the pair to escape from a large Cellien behind them. Their way out is briefly blocked by another Cellien, until Serval arrives and destroys both Celliens. Caracal asks why Serval is late and is boggled when Serval asks what Kyururu is. When Kyururu says he is hungry, the pair jokingly quip, "don't eat me", in reference to Kaban's line in Season 1's first episode. The trio go to Donkey's bread truck for snacks, and Caracal asks Serval if she had adventured with a rare type of Friend called a "human" after Kyururu denies being an animal. Caracal acknowledges Kyururu to be a human and asks where he has come out from, which is the abandoned facility the trio then heads to.

Caracal asks if the facility with Kyururu's "egg" is his den, prompting Kyururu to recall his original home, and doubts if they can obtain the hints for searching Kyururu's home. However, once seeing a page from Kyururu's sketchbook, she recognizes the scene as a pond near them, and the trio sets out. After arriving at the pond and knowing the second scene from the sketchbook, the trio are stopped by Eastern Spot-Billed Duck and follow her lead. Arriving at a crack in the ground, she jumps further than Eastern Spot-Billed Duck, only for her to be admonished for exceeding the guide. Caracal and Serval encourage Kyururu to cross the gap when he is frightened by its width. After arriving at the monorail station, Caracal races up to the platform, enters the monorail car after its door opens up, and is astonished when the monorail car starts up. The trio watch the Cellien hop onto the track and get crushed by a shadow, confused as to what the shadow is. The trio thank Eastern Spot-Billed Duck for helping them out when she flies to the rail car and checks them and rides toward Azua Park.

Caracal's Animal Talk

She also appears in one of this episode's animal talk segments.

Episode 2 - Panda and Panda

Caracal discusses Kyururu's drawing skill with him and is increasingly convinced he is human. She decides for the trio to leave the monorail car and asks for the way to go, and Kyururu shows her a playground scene from the sketchbook. She mistook Giant Panda's slumber as fainting, and listens to both Giant Panda and Red Panda's attempts to express themselves, comforting Red Panda when she gets emotional. Caracal suggests to wake Giant Panda up for her to continue giving directions, but Red Panda decides otherwise. Her initial trust in Red Panda's sincerity to guide the trio wears off on the way, especially after meeting a dead end on a cliff, leaving her in great doubt. Returning to the starting point, she asks Red Panda to be honest and pokes at Red Panda's emotional weak points.

With Caracal's help, Kyururu is able to fix the slide, and plays with the refurbished swings for a bit, even though this ends in Caracal landing on a pool of mud heads on and embarrassing her. She invites Red Panda to join and play, too. She is touched by the newfound gratefulness Giant Panda and Red Panda has of each other, and sees how Giant Panda becomes "scary when angry" for herself. On the trio's way out of Azua Park, Caracal thinks of the visit as meaningless, but Kyururu reminds her of his memory of playing there previously. Astonished at the sea, she sees it as all water.

Episode 3 - Creatures of the Sea

Caracal sees the sea as a big pond and plays with the wave with Caracal. After knowing that one of the structures is missing in the Park, she spots a pair of marine Friends from afar who turn out to be Common Bottlenose Dolphin and California Sea Lion. Caracal scoffs at the two Friends waving and asking for rewards, and is strongly sickened by the sea once on the boat, telling the marine Friends to quickly row the trio back ashore after their dive to the submerged stage with Kyururu.

Caracal doubts at the use of Kyururu's toys, but becomes amused at the marine Friends' play with those. The trio claps and the two cats praises the marine Friends' performance. When the trio part ways with the marine Friends, she wonders when they will stop waving at the trio, but hurries away before they actually stop. In the monorail car, she starts to love the "big pond" regrets not staying a bit longer, and Serval laughs at her for being sick of the sea.


  • Caracal first appeared in the second season's first PV, chasing and defeating a small Cellien.

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