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Friend Data
First Appearance: Chapter 4, Page 1
Featured in Chapter(s): Chapters 4, 7, 8.5, 15
Occupation: Unknown
Associated Characters: Serval, Reindeer, Peach Panther
Caracal Season 2 Manga Festival​ (Costume)​ Pavilion​ (Gen 2)​ KF3 Nexon Game

Caracal is a recurring character in the manga. She is Serval's levelheaded best friend.


In contrast to her energetic and somewhat thickheaded best friend Serval, Caracal is a fairly grounded character who manages to keep her calm in most situations. Although the nature of her education is never stated, Caracal possesses a good deal of common sense and advanced knowledge in a variety of topics as demonstrated at various points in the manga. She does, however, become flustered when encountering things she isn't experienced in. As described by Serval, she also has a "prideful mode", implying that her intelligence has lent itself to a bit of an ego on her part.

Role in the Plot

Chapter 4

Caracal's first appearance comes when Serval goes to her for advice on how to throw a surprise party for Nana. Caracal agrees to help, and the two beginning planning everything from the food to the gifts. When Serval writes up a draft of what the menu ought to look like, Caracal rejects it outright, explaining that the food she wants to include (meat-based dishes, including fried food) is too heavy for a girl. She proceeds to teach her friend how to make a salad instead, and in the process teaches her how herbivores avoid malnutrition despite their meatless diets.

Caracal then suggests that they use a surprise box to prank Nana at the party, although Serval finds the box more funny than surprising. Nevertheless, they decide to include it as a gift. Afterwards, Caracal teaches Serval about how to give opening and closing remarks at the party. Although Serval thinks the gesture is boring, the wiser of the two cats explains that they're significant because it conveys to someone just how much you are welcoming them.

The day of the party comes and the festivities proceed without a hitch. However, when Caracal opens up the aforementioned surprise box to shock Nana, the spring-loaded Serval doll that was originally inside the box has been replaced with a toy snake. Contrary to expectations, Caracal is the one who ends up surprised.

Chapter 7

Caracal and Serval choose to go hiking together in the snowy mountains, in order to go somewhere cool, but end up lost and stranded on the mountain because of a severe snowstorm. The pair are forced to take refuge in a cave, where they realize that the supplies they packed with them are just stuffed toys rather than food or gas, to Caracal's chagrin. The two begin to discuss what to do from here, when Serval's friend Reindeer appears in the cave and greets them. She receives the two warmly, lightheartedly remarking that she's never seen Friends in need of help on the snowy mountain before.

Caracal asks Reindeer if she knows a way down the mountain, to which she replies that she does not. She then asks if she has any food with which they could warm up, which she also lacks (Reindeer only has iced cream and shaved ice to offer). This begins to discourage Caracal, who laments that this is really not the kind of place she wants to die. After a few more failed attempts to warm up, all of which only serve to make the two cats feel colder, both Serval and Caracal start to give up. Before she dies (or so she thinks), Serval thanks Caracal for being her friend. The latter is flustered by the gesture, and responds by telling her that this kind of talk "isn't like her", encouraging her not to give up.

At just that moment, however, the storm subsides, giving the pair an opportunity to go home. They do so via sled. The two arrive safely back home shortly thereafter, and in the following scene Caracal is seen in bed with a cold and recovering from frostbite. Serval, who is at her bedside, looks back on their adventure on the mountain fondly, while her friend complains about the toll it took on her body. Despite her complaints, however, Caracal admits to herself that it was nice to get to know Serval's feelings in the process.

Chapter 8.5

Caracal appears briefly at the end of the chapter, when African Bush Elephant arrives at her house for "trick-or-treating". She informs the elephant that Halloween has been over for a few days, but the easygoing Friend insists that she has "rearranged" the holiday so that it occurs everyday, referencing an earlier conversation with Nana which she misunderstood. Caracal is understandably confused by this assertion.

Chapter 15

Caracal goes to Serval's house to ask her for her assistance in helping Peach Panther run her newly opening café. Always one to help her friends, Serval enthusiastically accepts, and the two meet the following week to help the brand-new "Japari Café" open smoothly. Upon arrival, however, Caracal is shocked to learn that the establishment is actually a maid café, requiring maid uniforms and manners befitting of a servant. After being given their uniform to wear for the day, the two friends watch as Peach Panther demonstrates how to treat customers once Nana and Ezo Red Fox arrive to have a meal.

Soon after, Caracal receives her first customer when Koala arrives at the café. She does her best to serve her well, addressing the marsupial Friend as "master" and speaking formally despite feeling very embarrassed and uncomfortable with the whole ordeal, but Koala is unphased and simply asks for an orange juice filled with pap. An exasperated Caracal informs her that they sell no such drink. Later on, Peach Panther tells her two new waitresses that neither of them have the qualifications needed to be maids, to which a flustered Caracal retorts, "That's obvious!"



Caracal and Serval are best friends. They form something of a double act in their interactions, with Caracal playing the straight man and Serval playing the funny guy. Serval is playful, easygoing and at times thickheaded, while Caracal has an abundance of common sense but is somewhat high-strung. Despite their drastically different personalities, however, the two get along very well and care for each other as best friends should. They go to each other for favors, go on trips together and enjoy hanging out in their freetime.

Peach Panther

Peach Panther is friends with Caracal. The panther requests Caracal to help with her newly opening Japari Café, a favor which she happily grants. Unfortunately, the job doesn't go very well, and Peach Panther remarks that Caracal "lacks any of the qualifications to be a maid". In Caracal's defense, however, she had no idea that Japari Café was going to be a maid café to begin with.

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