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Campo Flicker
Campo Flicker Anime S2.png
KF S2 Campo Flicker (Manga).png
Friend Data
Voice Masumi Asano
Debut Episode 4
Home Area South Maerica Park
Distribution ?
Associates Aardwolf
Promo Yes
Campo Flicker Anime Season 2 Festival Pavilion KF3 Nexon Game Gallery

Campo Flicker is a Friend that appears in Kemono Friends 2.


Campo Flicker retains her personality from the first season. She loves to build nests and admires the different types of homes that Friends live in. Because of her profession, she is knowledgeable about a large number of locations in the park, as well as knowing many Friends who she has found homes for. She shows great enthusiasm for helping other Friends find a home and gets excited when talking about homes. Although she is passionate for real estate, her suggestions are not always ideal for her client, evidenced by her showing homes for avian Friends to a mammal.

Role in the Plot

Episode 4: Different Kinds of Houses

Campo Flicker searches for homes for Aardwolf and Kyururu. She brings the group to homes that were previously used by Yellow-Rumped Cacique and Great Dusky Swift, two bird Friends known for their unique nests, to the dismay of Aardwolf and Kyururu as they are unsuitable for non-bird Friends. She also brings the group to the home of Common Vampire Bat who scares the group off, including Campo Flicker. She guides the group to a nearby cave when it begins to rain, which ends up becoming Aardwolf's home. After completing Kyururu's puzzle made from his drawing shown at the beginning of the episode, she recognizes the location depicted and brings the group to it at night time. After learning about Kyururu being a human, she informs him of a human sighting near the jungle, telling him that they would be able to help him find his home, and he gifts her the puzzle before she leaves.

Campo Flicker's animal talk

She also appears in one of this episode's animal talk segments.

Episode 9: Welcome Home

She appears in a flashback scene from Episode 4, but doesn't do anything.

Episode 11: The Ocean's Mood

She travels to the hotel with Kaban and the rest of the Friends and mentions how nice the hotel is. She also comments on the cleanliness, which makes Domestic Pig happy because someone noticed her efforts.

Episode 12: I'm Home

In the hotel lobby with Aardwolf, she mentions how dangerous the hotel is once it begins to collapse.

She's later seen fighting off her Cellien clone on the roof with the other Friends as Kyururu and Kaban return from the sea.

At the end of the episode, she can be seen with Aardwolf on the beach.


  • She also owns a lodge which is implied to be the one in Season 1
  • Yellow-Rumped Cacique and Great Dusky Swift merely exist as mentions in Episode 4 and have never been officially seen.

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