California Sea Lion/Season 2

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California Sea Lion

California Sea Lion Anime S2.png

Friend Data
Voiced by: Yoshioka Mayu 吉岡茉祐
First Appearance: Episode 3
Home Area: Unknown
Associated Characters: Common Bottlenose Dolphin
Has Promotional Video: No
California Sea Lion Season 2 Pavilion KF3 Nexon Game

California Sea Lion is a Friend that appears as one of the minor characters of Kemono Friends 2.


California Sea Lion is very playful and acrobatic, but will often ask for a reward after performing a trick in front of an audience. If not given a reward, she will often pressure the person until she gets a reward. She is also very picky about the rewards she wants to receive after performing certain tasks.

Role in the Plot

Creatures of the Sea

She takes Kyururu to the sunken stage beneath the Marina Restaurant along with Common Bottlenose Dolphin to help him find the location shown in his sketchbook.


Common Bottlenose Dolphin

They play a game involving passing a ball back and forth to satisfy their boredom, and often ask for rewards after performing a task.

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