Blue Oni Plush

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ToyBlue Oni Plush.png


Plaything Name: Japanese Plaything Name: Rarity: Effective Area: Generation: Land or Water? Implemented: Time Limited?
Blue Oni Plush 青おにぬいぐるみ ★★★ Mountain Generation ? Land January 31st, 2019 No
Plaything ID Craftable? Sturdy Wood Soft Cloth Cold Stone Stretchy Rubber Rough Steel Attraction coin
0338 Yes 100 500 None 450 None None
Normal Behaviors: Unique Behaviors: Liked By:
1. ???
2. ???
None Kemotalk 010078001 01.pngKemotalk 010067001 01.pngKemotalk 010043001 01.pngKemotalk 010050001 01.pngKemotalk 010150001 01.png
Description: ?
Japanese Description: 虎柄のパンツをはいた青おにのぬいぐるみ。
Update History: 1/29/21 - This item was made craftable, and now attracts Black-Headed Ibis.