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Black Rhinoceros

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Friend Data
First Appearance: Chapter 11, Page 2
Featured in Chapters: Chapter 11
Occupation: Unknown
Associated Characters: Ezo Red Fox
Black Rhinoceros Manga Nexon Game

A Black Rhinoceros Friend appears in a single chapter of the manga. She is depicted as a new Friend who is just being acclimated to Japari Park; Ezo Red Fox is tasked with helping her get settled in.


Black Rhinoceros has an old-fashioned, warrior-like personality in both speech and behavior. She is determined to live as a proper warrior, addressing those she sees as her superiors with highly respectful language.

Role in the Plot

Black Rhinoceros first appears as a new Friend who has just been introduced to Japari Park, whom Mirai entrusts Ezo Red Fox with the care of, because Nana is out on leave at the time. The new Friend asks Ezo Red Fox what she does all day, prompting the fox to show her the schedule she lives by, which largely consists of eating and sleeping. The rhinoceros is shocked at the leisurely nature of her lifestyle, which her new caretaker explains comes from her desire to "live like a queen".

Seeking to take advantage of the clueless new Friend, Ezo Red Fox encourages Black Rhinoceros to live like a true warrior, elaborating that doing so involves fighting to take care of the queen's every need. The conniving fox uses this opportunity to get Black Rhinoceros to build her a "manor" of her very own. Determined to prove herself, the warrior works tirelessly for her "queen", building a small house in just three days' time. However, at one point during the construction process, she collapses from exhaustion.

Upon regaining consciousness, Black Rhinoceros opens her eyes to see that the "manor" is complete. Ezo Red Fox thanks for her for a job well-done, bringing a generous supply of meat buns as a reward (although she has eaten most of them herself already). The two share a nice meal before Nana returns, confused as to why a house has suddenly appeared in the time since she left.


Ezo Red Fox

Ezo Red Fox is entrusted with taking care of Black Rhinoceros upon her entry into Japari Park, as decided by Mirai with regards to Nana's absence. The fox Friend takes advantage of her companion's warrior-like nature to suit her own needs, but Black Rhinoceros herself does not seem to mind.

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