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Bikkuriman Package.png

Merchandise Data
Type: Collectible, Sticker, Food
Price: ¥80
Release Date: Approx. 7/23/2018
Manufacturer: Lotte
Distributor: Family Mart

Bikkuriman is a line of wafer treats produced by Lotte, notable for the highly collectible stickers that come bundled with each wafer.

Product Description

Bikkuriman wafers are a brand of chocolate wafers that were originally released in 1977 and featured realistic stickers meant to be used in practical jokes, though in the 1980s, the stickers would change to cartoonish characters centered around a theme for each particular set. In 1985, the stickers would begin to depict a storyline, similarly to the collectible Mars Attacks cards distributed by Topps in the 1960s. Like the Topps cards, the stickers immediately achieved success under this new direction, and the Bikkuriman brand evolved so far as to have multiple anime adaptions and even video games. These stickers are now considered collectors items, and Bikkuriman wafers are often bought for their stickers alone. Despite the popularity of the base stickers, sets based on other sources such as Star Wars and Dragon Ball continue to be made.

The Kemono Friends Bikkuriman sticker set is a set of 20 stickers featuring various Friends from the Kemono Friends series releasing during the summer of 2018. The stickers have a holographic foil finish that gives them a reflective appearance. In the center of each sticker is artwork depicting the Friend the sticker focuses on, with their name displayed in a stylized manner. The stickers for Suzaku and Yamata No Orochi have a unique typeface and are rarer stickers than the other 18 stickers in the set. On the back of each sticker is the sticker's numbering, an animal fact, and the taxonomic information of the animal.


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