Australian Brushturkey

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Australian Brushturkey

Australian BrushturkeyOriginal.png

Character Data
AKA Australian brush-turkey
Romaji Yabutsukatsukuri
Debut Kemono Friends Festival
Animal Data
Scientific Name Alectura lathami
Distribution Australia
Diet Omnivore
Avg. Lifespan 10 years
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Conservation Status iucn3.1 LC.svg.png
Australian Brushturkey Festival KF3 Gallery

“You know about Japari Park regulations right? Do your own work. Be self-sufficient! Yes! In other words, DIY! (I don’t know what that means though). Long-Tailed Tit and the Beavers are my rivals. Once I've finished building my lovely house and garage, I will invite you over!”
Australian Brushturkey's introduction

The Australian Brushturkey is a type of Friend that first appeared in Guidebook 6.


Australian Brushturkey has tan eyes and red and black hair. She wears a black coat with a yellow fringed collar. The coat has a black and white feather pattern at the bottom. She also has black leggings and thigh-length tan boots with black laces. She holds three leaves of different colors in her right hand. She has a small black tail shaped like the real world bird's tail.

Series Appearances

Appearances In Kemono Friends Media
Media Role

In Real Life

An Australian Brushturkey

The Australian Brushturkey lives primarily in the eastern part of Australia. Their habitat is varied, from rainforests by the coasts to the drier regions further inland. It has been found living in urban areas as well, becoming more accustomed to the presence of humans. The Brushturkey will eat fruit, seeds, and insects.

The plumage on the Australian Brushturkey’s body is primarily black. They have a bare bright red head. Males will typically have a large bright yellow wattle on their neck, while females have one that is both smaller and paler. Chicks look quite different, with a plump body and covered in light brown feathers. The Brushturkey can grow to be as long as 75 cm with an 85 cm wingspan.

Australian Brushturkeys breed year-round, though they mainly breed from September to December. The male Brushturkey will build a mound out of organic matter for the eggs. Each mound is around 1 meter tall and 4 meters wide. Generally a male will have a single mound, but occasionally one male will build multiple mounds. Brushturkeys will check the temperature of their mound with their bill, and will add or remove material to keep the temperature of the mound at approximately 33° C.


  • Australian Brushturkeys can fly within hours of hatching.


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