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Friend Data
Actress: Iori Noguchi
Aurochs Anime Festival Pavilion KF3 Kingdom Nexon Game Stage Play Gallery

Aurochs appears as a character in =LOVE Stage Project "Kemono Friends".


Aurochs is belligerent, but she also has a friend-oriented side.

Role in the Plot

As Aurochs was fighting Cape Lion as usual, her companions began to talk about their own troubles. During the talk, she heard that she could be whatever she wanted to be in the play and decided to do the play to become stronger. When asked by Dire Wolf how she wanted to become stronger, Aurochs replied that she wanted to be as strong as Cape Lion. After that, Aurochs wanted not only to be strong but also to enjoy the play. However, she was angry that the Cape Lion had fallen asleep while practicing the play and abandoned the play. Later, Tsuchinoko convinced her to return to Dreaming Friends Theater Company with Cape Lion. She rescued Japanese Wolf that had been attacked by celliens and took on the play.


Cape Lion

Cape Lion is a good partner and an aspiring opponent for Aurochs.


Aurochs wants to fight because she knows Sivatherium is strong, but Sivatherium herself is not interested in fighting.


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