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Arizonan Jaguar

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Friend Data
Actress: Kiara Saito
Arizonan Jaguar KF3 Nexon Game Stage Play

Arizonan Jaguar appears as a character in =LOVE Stage Project "Kemono Friends".


Arizonan Jaguar is fun-loving and has a natural disposition.

Role in the Plot

One day she heard that her friends were going to do a play, and she went along because it sounded like fun. She brought Dire Wolf, who knew the play, to the Japanese River Otter Inn. Later, she became a member of the "Dreaming Friends Theater Company" and began practicing for the play, but when she saw her peers leaving the troupe for their own reasons, she began to think that it was no longer interesting and left the troupe herself. However, she witnesses Tsuchinoko trying to revive the troupe, and amused by this, she sets out to revive the troupe herself. Together with Passenger Pigeon, she convinced Gastornis that a play in which only singing exists is now only singing. After she revived the troupe, she rescued Japanese Wolf that had been attacked by celliens.


Great Auk

Arizonan Jaguar is often found with Great Auk. Therefore, Arizonan Jaguar is the first to notice that Great Auk have grown up.

Dire Wolf

Although there is no specific dialogue, Arizonan Jaguar often plays with Dire Wolf in a teasing manner.


  • Kiara Saito was 13 years old when she played this role.

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