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Location Data
Debut Kemono Friends (2015 Mobile Game)
Regions ?
Location Type Area
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Akushima (Japanese:アクシマ Hepburn:Akushima) is one of the regions of Japari Park. In the Nexon Game, it was sometimes called the "Event Area (イベントエリア)". It is the setting for the Nexon Game and Kemono Friends 3.


The area is modeled after the Japanese island of Yakushima (屋久島). Since Yakushima, the original island, is rich in nature, Akushima is similarly depicted as rich in nature.

In the Nexon Game, the island was an island where events took place in a meta sense, but in Kemono Friends 3, it appears as an island where festivals take place.

In the Nexon game, the name was changed from "Akushima" to "Event Area" in the middle of the game, apparently due to the fact that in Japanese, Aksima can be interpreted as an evil (Aku = 悪 = evil) island. However, in Kemono Friends 3, the name Akushima is used.


In Kemono Friends (2015 Mobile Game)

This area does not appear in the main storyline. However, it was the location for various quests for each day of the week, scenario events, and Four Gods event.

In Kemono Friends 3

This area was introduced in Season 2, Chapter 4. The training of White Serval by Ringtail and the battle between Yatagarasu and Rulercell occurred.

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