African Wild Dog/Season 2

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African Wild Dog


Friend Data
Voice Rika Tachibana
Debut Episode 5
Home Area ?
Distribution ?
Associates Suri Alpaca, Margay
Promo No
African Wild Dog Anime Season 2 Manga Festival Pavilion KF3 Nexon Game Gallery

African Wild Dog is a Friend that makes a cameo appearance in the second season of the anime.


Like in Season 1, she loves to take orders from others and complete them. She's diligent and hardworking as Suri Alpaca's employee, committing herself to completing tasks and serving customers in a timely manner.

Role in the Plot

Episode 5: The Power of Humans

African Wild Dog makes an appearance in the post-credits sketch of this episode. In the sketch, she takes Suri Alpaca's instruction to clean up the table and promises to complete it "at any cost." When Margay enters the café, she quickly stops cleaning to take Margay's order. She's shocked when Margay suggests African Wild Dog should come work for her instead. When Margay and Suri Alpaca start pulling her both ways, she's distressed and says that it's too much for her to handle. Then, the three announce the title of the next episode.


Suri Alpaca

She serves as African Wild Dog's boss and has her clean up tables and take customers' orders, which African Wild Dog does with dedication and speed.


  • Rika Tachibana reprises her role as African Wild Dog from the first season.
  • Margay's suggestion for African Wild Dog to work for her is a nod to her manga counterpart, where she is a clerk at Margay's pastry shop.

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