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African Wild Dog

African Wild DogManga.jpg

Friend Data
First Appearance: Chapter 8, Page 8
Featured in Chapter(s): Chapter 8
Occupation: Pastry Shop Clerk
Associated Characters: Margay
African Wild Dog Anime Manga Pavilion KF3 Nexon Game Gallery

African Wild Dog appears in a single chapter of the manga, working for Margay as a store clerk.


Very little is known about the manga's African Wild Dog. Her interactions with the other characters are largely professional ones, but she seems friendly, commenting positively on Nana and Ezo Red Fox after meeting them.

Role in the Plot

African Wild Dog works as a store clerk in a pastry shop. She greets Nana and Ezo Red Fox when they arrive at the store and calls for her boss, Margay, to evaluate whether or not they qualify for the special cake offer they are offering. Later in the chapter, after Nana passes out, she appears with Margay to wish her a merry Christmas, as well as the cake they promised.



Margay is African Wild Dog's boss. The nature of their professional relationship is unknown.

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