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African Rock Python


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African Rock Python is a Friend that appears in Kemono Friends Kingdom as an unplayable character.


African Rock Python is a no-nonsense Friend who is deeply serious about her work in protecting the Desert Castle, its acting KingKing Cobra—and the Friends of the Desert Area as the Castle's acting Guard. The last thing any Ceruleans that dare to cross her will see is the magenta flash of her whip as it lashes them into dust, and troublemaking Friends such as Tsuchinoko ought to be careful of African Rock Python's cruel streak. Ultimately, she is strict because she cares; she wouldn't be able to forgive herself if she lowered her guard and a Friend came to harm as a consequence.

Role in the Plot

Main Story

African Rock Python is first seen in the opening cutscene of Chapter 3, intercepting Tsuchinoko as the latter makes her way through the Desert Castle's Giant Labyrinth.

She is encountered again in "Mysterious Portrait", the cutscene for Stage 3-14. Just before Jinri and her party are able to stop the Labyrinth's timer and access the throne room to meet the Desert Castle's king, African Rock Python blocks their way, prompting Tsuchinoko—who until now had guided the group through the Labyrinth—to duck into the shadows and abscond. Upon learning that the party has honest intentions of meeting the King, she decides that she'll let them through if she likes their reasons. When King Cheetah states she wishes to become the King's disciple, citing her incredible speed as a reason she would make for a suitable King, African Rock Python scoffs and brings her convictions into question, calling her self-interested and denying the group passage. In response, King Cheetah dashes forth to push the button for her friends, leaving herself vulnerable to a counterattack from African Rock Python, who catches the runner's ankle with her whip; despite being tethered, however, King Cheetah pushes through and stops the timer. African Rock Python commends the feline Friend and asks her how running for others, rather than herself, felt; as King Cheetah ponders this, a Cerulean appears and attacks the group, and the duo of African Rock Python and King Cheetah work as a unit to bring it down.


King Cheetah

Both of these Friends serve under King Cobra, with King Cheetah being her disciple and frequently assisting African Rock Python with her guarding duties. The two share a mutual respect, and King Cheetah has matured greatly thanks in part to African Rock Python's influence.

King Cobra

King Cobra and African Rock Python are the King and Guard of Desert Castle, respectively. As such, they work closely in tandem to defend the Castle and patrol the Desert Area, ensuring that all desert Friends are safe and eliminating any Ceruleans that encroach on their home. The two seem to be close friends with a good understanding of one another.


Though Tsuchinoko's antics and trespassing get on African Rock Python's nerves, she can't help but find the reclusive Friend at least a little bit cute in her stern determination. Tsuchinoko, however, is generally afraid of African Rock Python, knowing that running into her likely means having a run-in with her whip. Despite their differences, the two Friends have a mutual love for the Desert Area and Desert Castle that trounces any animosity between them in a time of crisis, such as during the later events of the main story's third chapter.


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