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Friend Data
Voiced by: Haruka Terui
First Appearance: Episode 4
Home Area: South Maerica Park
Associated Characters: Campo Flicker
Has Promotional Video: Yes
Aardwolf Anime Season 2 Manga Festival​ (Costume)​ Pavilion​ (Gen 2)​ KF3 Nexon Game Gallery

Aardwolf is a Friend that appears in Kemono Friends 2.


Aardwolf is a somewhat timid but outgoing Friend. She's friends with Serval and Caracal. She wants a comfortable and safe place to live that she can defend herself in, and she gets scared easily.

Role in the Plot

Episode 4: Different Kinds of Houses

Aardwolf says she traveled to South Maerica Park to find a new place to live because it's similar to the Savanna. She came to find Campo Flicker because of her knowledge about homes in the area. She politely declines the homes that Campo Flicker finds for her because they aren't suitable. When the group takes shelter from the rain in the nearby cave, she gets excited by Kyururu's puzzle and finishes it. Aardwolf is amazed by the termite mounds at night and decides she wants to live in the cave.

Aardwolf's animal talk

She also appears in one of this episode's animal talk segments.

Episode 11: The Ocean's Mood

She travels with the rest of the Friends and Kaban to the hotel. After all of the Friends have taken care of the first horde of Cellien clones, she tells Bat-Eared Fox that she wants to stay at the hotel sometime in the future.

Episode 12: I'm Home

In the hotel lobby with Campo Flicker, she wonders why the hotel is collapsing.

Later, she can be seen fighting off her Cellien clone on the roof while Kyururu and Kaban return from sea.

She can be seen with Campo Flicker on the beach at the end of the episode.


  • Aardwolf's first appearance was in season one, as she could be heard screaming in Episode 1 and seen as an animal in Episode 12.
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