The thirty-third episode of Welcome to Japari Park (2018 ONA). This episode storyline is based on KF Nexon Chapter 10 Episode 3 - Chapter 10 Episode 5.

Episode 33


Episode Data
Japanese Title: ?
Broadcast Date: August 14th, 2020
Animal Introductions: Binturong
Previous Episode: Episode 32
Next Episode: Episode 34


Cellien Queen tell them about the ultimate CellHarmony, Cellien that has completed it's evolution can even fully reproduces the lost sparkle. Mirai ask her about who she is. Oinari-Sama entrusted the park's future to Towa's group after she got tired using all of her power. Towa, Serval, and Mirai explore the castle to find the Queen's place and finally they found Queen's room. Mirai say that Cellien Queen stole Kako's sparkle because Kako once told her about storage and reproduction of information. Mirai also tells Towa and Serval that Kako lost her parents when she was still very young and she always wished able to see them for one more time. The Queen might try to grants Kako's wish for her but in twisted way. But Kako has no will to lose the Japari Park and everyone she loved just to grant her own wish. Inside Queen's room, Cellien Queen trying to take away special sparkle from Cellval. Serval attacks Cellien Queen to stop her from killing Cellval but she got knocked away by Cellien Queen easily over and over. Serval fell to despair because Cellval going to disappear however Toki returns and she knocked everyone out on the room with her terrible singing. Caracal, Lulu, White Rhino, and Silver Fox also returned and together they charged against Cellien Queen. Cellval fell on the floor and her body color turns gray except her legs part. Serval asked her if she is okay but Cellval suddenly awakes with glowing eyes and attacking Serval.

Major Events

  • Mirai reveals about Kako's backstory that she lost her parents when she was still very young.
  • Cellien Queen is the one who steals Kako's sparkle.
  • Caracal, Toki, Lulu, White Rhino, and Silver Fox rejoins Towa's group.
  • Cellval lost nearly all of her special spakle.

Animal Talk Segments

Binturong's animal talk

Mirai and Lulu are the one who do the commentary about Binturong animal talk. Lulu say that the park's Binturong is very cautious friends whose motto "Approach everything with caution." and she is good friends with Ermine the Stoat.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • This is the last episode with animal talk segment.