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Episode 30


Episode Data
Japanese Title: ?
Broadcast Date: July 1st, 2020
Animal Introductions: Saber-Toothed Tiger
Previous Episode: Episode 29
Next Episode: Episode 31

The thirtieth episode of Welcome to Japari Park (2018 ONA). This episode storyline is based on KF Nexon Chapter 9 Episode 5 - Chapter 9 Episode 7.


The group charges into Kemono Castle but they got knocked out by a strange red barrier. Konoha and Mimi returns but when they tried to reintroduced themselves to the group, Professor Konoha accidentally bit her own tongue during her speech and she feel very embarassed about it and trying to fly away from the scene but Serval stopped her. Konoha and Mimi rushed to Park Central after they learned the park in danger. Konoha and Mimi explained that the barrier was created by Celliens but the one on Kemono Castle is far more powerful. Mirai detected several strong signals from Celliens that was powering up the barrier from other locations. Silver Fox tell everyone to split up while Towa, Serval, and Mirai stay on Park Central. Lulu reunites with Rabi-Rabi and she tell her that they will be together this time.

Major Events

  • The barrier that protect Kemono Castle was created by Celliens.
  • Caracal, Toki, Lulu, White Rhino, and Silver Fox split out from the group to destroy Celliens that was powering up the barrier on various locations.
  • Lulu reunites with Rabi-Rabi.

Animal Talk Segments

Saber-Toothed Tiger's animal talk

Mirai and White Rhino are the one who do the commentary about Saber-Toothed Tiger animal talk. White Rhino say that the Saber-Toothed Tiger at park is a very mild-mannered girl who prefers avoid fighting and her hobby is cooking with a saber.


Major Characters

Minor Characters