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|basetrait=When stamina is less than 50%, the immunity from becoming sleepy increases (moderately)
|basetrait=When stamina is less than 50%, the immunity from becoming sleepy increases (moderately)
|upgradetrait=The immunity from becoming sleepy increases (moderately)
|story=[ Giant Pangolin ]
|story=[ Giant Pangolin ]

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KF3 Who Are You?.png

KF3 Who Are You?+.png

Name: Rarity: Type: Obtained From: Illustrator: Limited: Name (JP): ID:
Who Are You? Nexon3Stars.png Offense Gacha Udon No あなたはだぁれ? 4008
Stat Base Max
Stamina 427 990 Unique Trait

When stamina is less than 50%, the immunity from becoming sleepy increases (moderately)

The immunity from becoming sleepy increases (moderately)

Attack 222 515
Defense 78 179
Story: [ Giant Pangolin ]

General Merchant. At first glance it sounds fun but it's actually pretty difficult you know?

It's not only limited to the request that can be easily done; when the investigation target is a living thing, a certain degree of durability is needed. I'm also need to warn Alma so she will not go somewhere because of bored during lookout.

Fufu, difficult isn't it? But even so, I like the general merchant Double Sphere

Update History: 9/24/2019: Added to Kemono Friends 3.
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