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Current Projects
if i havent removed it its probably ongoing/subject to change
Miscellaneous Things
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Nexon Character Quests (14/88 Summaries) (25/88 Transcripts)
Yellow = Summary/Transcript Only, Green = Summary + Transcript
Koala Tiger Lion Giant Panda Ezo Red Fox Brown Bear Crested Ibis Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey Serval Black Rhinoceros White Rhinoceros Red Kangaroo
Cheetah Japanese Wolf Bald Eagle Caracal Red Panda White Tiger Axolotl Polar Bear Hippopotamus Bearded Seal African Bush Elephant Indian Elephant
Ocelot Arabian Oryx Reindeer Moose Northern White-Faced Owl Eurasian Eagle-Owl Silver Fox Barbary Lion Aardwolf Thomson's Gazelle Reticulated Giraffe Sand Cat
African Wild Dog Maned Wolf White Peafowl Woolly Mammoth Common Ostrich Jinmengyo Dromedary Wild Bactrian Camel Common Vampire Bat Passenger Pigeon Walrus Chipmunk
Emu Sable Antelope North Island Giant Moa Red-Crowned Crane Mountain Hare Arctic Fox Arctic Hare Sun Bear Pink-Backed Pelican Scarlet Ibis Jungle Cat Pere David's Deer
Southern Pudu Pademelon White-Eared Opossum Thylacine Striped Skunk European Hare Bobcat Holstein Friesian Cattle Galapagos Tortoise Honey Badger Greater Honeyguide Rhim Gazelle
Peregrine Falcon Dugong Snow Sheep Rock Ptarmigan Forest Owlet Hipparion Maltese Tiger Fraternal Myotis Grevy's Zebra Italian Wolf Common Eland Muskox
Japanese Bush Warbler South African Giraffe Bergman's Bear Golden Eagle
Nexon Group Quests (1/9 Summaries) (1/9 Transcripts)
Yellow = Summary/Transcript Only, Green = Summary + Transcript
Powerful Girl Alliance Clan of the Kings of a Hundred Beasts Wolf Federation Kemo Courageous Spears Chivalric Order Nyan-Nyan Family Water Girls Team I'll Bite You Carefree Floaters' Club Apron Lover's Club
Nexon Event Quests (0/41 Summaries) (3/41 Transcripts)
Yellow = Summary/Transcript Only, Green = Summary + Transcript
Search for Ezo Red Fox! Invasion of the Keroro Platoon! ~Part 1~ Invasion of the Keroro Platoon! ~Part 2~ The Rose and Their Bond ~Part 1~ The Rose and Their Bond ~Part 2~ The Rose and Their Bond ~Part 3~ The Rose and Their Bond ~Part 4~ Devil Flower: The Great Suppression Campaign Tachikoma Friends ~Part 1~ Tachikoma Friends ~Part 2~ Beach Flags Welcome to the Kemono Outdoors School
The Fireworks that Bloom in the Night Sky The Fox's Test of Courage A Neverending Dream of Lost Kemonos Kemono's Test of Strength Japari Cafe The Autumn Super Picnic Catch the Sweets Thief! Digging Potatoes I've Finished Reading! To the Library! Shining Path Project Operation: Get Back the Presents! Where's That Friend Now?
The Glasses Cinderella Operation: Crime Stoppers Valentine's + Valentine's (Extra Quest) Aviary Hina Matsuri + Hina Matsuri (Extra Quest) The Four Goddesses: Byakko The Four Goddesses: Genbu The Four Goddesses: Seiryu The Four Goddesses: Suzaku Formidable Foe: Yamata-no-Orochi Formidable Foe: King Cobra Formidable Foe: Blue Whale
Formidable Foe: Dire Wolf Formidable Foe: Gastornis Formidable Foe: Giant Anteater Formidable Foe: Kamaitachi Setsu Formidable Foe: Inugami Gyoubu

STANDARD TEMPLATE COLORS (because im forgetful):

  • Header BG: #CCCCFF
  • Header Borders + Row BG 1: #FDFDFD
  • Row Header BG: #E6E6FF
  • Row BG 2: #F7F7F7 (alternate between bg 1 and bg2 for every row, but not for any row headers) (use bg2 for borders for rows using it as well)
  • Yellow: #ffff66