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Rock HyraxOriginal.jpg

The rock hyrax is a medium-sized mammal found widely across sub-Saharan and South Africa, as well as along the southern edges of the Arabian Peninsula. They are furred animals with a short and stocky appearance typical of hyrax genera, of which only 5 remain in a taxonomical order of more than 20. Adults typically measure at 20 inches in length and weigh at 8.8 lb, with fur colours ranging from dark brown to light grey depending on the habitat (the former for wet areas, the latter for deserts).

Rock hyraxes make their homes inside of rock crevices, typically found in elevated areas as high as 13,800 feet. These refuges are its primary protection against predators, possessing none of its own accord. They carefully live and forage from these crevices, in groups ranging from 10 to 80, straying no more than 50 meters from home. Furthermore, when foraging, one or more hyraxes in the group will act as sentries, warning the group of approaching predators in a manner not unlike meerkats.

Kemono Friends' Rock Hyrax first appeared in Guidebook 3, with her only other media appearance being a cameo in S1E08 as part of the crowd attending the PPP concert.