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The Culpeo is a canid native to South America. They used to live only in the Andean mountain range all the way to the southern tip of the continent though they could spread further into the plains recently. They look very similar to red foxes in size and shape, though they fur is grey on the back. They weigh around 11 kilograms and are 120 cm long from head to tail. They're a part of the so-called South American foxes, though they're closer related to wolves and jackals.

Culpeo are opportunistic predators and will feed on anything they can find. The introduction of the European hare and rabbit to the continent has allowed them to spread into the plains and they can be found across all habitats along the South American west coast. They play an important role in the ecosystem as they keep the number of prey animals under control. Unfortunately they also feed on young livestock, making them a threat to local ranchers.

Culpeo are generally solitary outside of breeding season between August and October. vixens give birth to 2-5 pups after two months. The offspring is weaned after another two months and reaches their adult size at seven months of age. They use a variety of sounds to communicate.

Culpeo were domesticated by the indigenous people on the Tierra del Fuego. The so-called Fuegian Dog was tawny-coloured and white, with erect ears, a sharp snout and thick tail. European expeditionists had a disdain for them because they were "ugly" and useless. They weren't loyal to their owners and only ever useful by wrapping themselves around humans for warmth. They were later exterminated for being "dangerous to men and cattle".

Kemono Friends' Culpeo only appeared in the Nexon Game so far. She has light brown eyes with long dirty blonde hair that fades to brown at the tips of her hair, animal ears and middlemost bang, while fading to blonde in the bangs at the side of her face. She has two pointy animal ears and a long tail with the same colors as the rest of her hair. She wears a white long sleeved shirt with a fur collar and a beige vest with a pink bow tie. Her short pink circular skirt has the same tartan pattern as her bow tie, while she also wears russet or reddish brown leggings that fades to dark brown towards the bottom and shoes of the same color.