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Greater LophorinaOriginal.png

The Greater Lophorina, also known as the Greater Superb Bird-of-Paradise, is an arrogant, small perching bird native to New Guinea. They live in the edges of the tropical rainforest of Indonesia. They're around 25 centimeters long. It used to be the only species in its genus until it was split into three; the Greater, Lesser and Crescent-caped Lophorina. While they all look rather similar with only minor differences, the Greater Lophorina's calls and song are very different from the other two.

While the female Greater Lophorinas are unimpressively brown, the males are notable for their super black plumage, which absorbs between 99.7-99.95% of visible light. Comparatively, a crows plumage absorbs around 95-97% of light. Together with the light blue patch on the head and breast, the male attempts impress females with its black plumage and dance. Since the males vastly outnumber females, they have to put a lot of work into their performance, even cleaning out a little dance floor in advance by removing any rubble, leaves and even scrubbing the ground or a branch smooth with leaves. They call females with a loud call and, once a potential mate arrives, unfold and spread their feathers and dance around the female. Notably, the Greater Superb Bird-of-Paradise forms a round oval shape with its plumage while the Crescent-Caped Superb Bird-of-Paradise forms a croissant shape. On average, a female rejects around 20 males before mating.

The Greater Lophorina lays around 1-3 eggs in their nest on top of trees. The eggs hatch after around 3 weeks and the chicks becomes independent within 2-4 weeks. Females become mature within 2 years while males require twice as long to develop their courtship plumage. Their diet depends on seasonal availability. They mostly eat insects and fruits but may also hunt for frogs, reptiles and smaller birds. Threats are other, larger birds as well as snakes, deforestation and humans hunting them for their plumes. Despite these threats, it is still one of the most common and widespread birds of paradise on New Guinea.

Kemono Friends' Greater Lophorina first appeared in promotional material advertising Kemono Friends 2 together with Western Parotia, her partner in the idol duo GothicxLuck. Like her real life counterpart, she is almost completely covered in black. Even her hair and pupils are black. She wears a black sweater, a large black cape, black gloves, tights and ballerina shoes. A large, shiny blue adornment covers most of her upper body. She was added to Pavilion a week after Western Parotia. Her unique behavior has her dancing on the blue light stage.