Stage Play "Kemono Friends"

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Stage Play "Kemono Friends"

Stage Play Kemono Friends.jpg

Stage Play
Japanese Title: 舞台「けものフレンズ」
Romanised Title: Butai "Kemono Furenzu"
Directed by: Hiroki Murakami
Written by: Hiroki Murakami
Music by: Takuya Kusunose
Venue: Shinagawa Prince Hotel
Original Run: June 14, 2017 –

June 18, 2017

Stage Play "Kemono Friends" is the Kemono Friends franchise's first official stage play. It features an original storyline, though whether or not is is officially considered canon is currently unknown. The play features several Friends, including all of the members of Doubutsu Biscuits and PPP. The stage play boasts an original musical score in addition to its story, and most of the Friends who appeared in the anime are portrayed by their respective voice actresses.


The stage play opens up in the Savanna of Japari Park, where an eruption of the Sandstar Volcano has just occurred, leading to Okapi being born. She is thoroughly confused about the nature of her surroundings, and is unable to recognize her own name. Immediately, she is found by Serval, who jumps in and explains the nature of Sandstar to her, causing her to realize her name is Okapi. Afterwards, the cast of the play appears on stage and performs Welcome to Japari Park.

Once the musical number ends, the play resumes, where Okapi and Serval are trekking towards the waterfront. There, Serval shows Okapi other nearby Friends, such as Malayan Tapir, Maned Wolf, and Koala. The three Friends gather together holding something, soon revealed to be tickets to a live show by PPP, the penguin idol unit. The trio then pass by Black Leopard, who is in charge of checking tickets. Serval and Okapi attempt to to enter the live show, but do not have tickets. As a result, they decide to illegally purchase the tickets from a resale. Woolly Mammoth then appears and allows them entry to the event, conveniently providing a method for the duo to witness the live show.

Once at the PPP concert, the five members of the unit - Royal Penguin, Southern Rockhopper Penguin, Gentoo Penguin, Humboldt Penguin, and Emperor Penguin appear, introducing themselves in that order. Afterwards, they perform Ozora Dreamer, their debut song. Witnessing the concert inspires Serval, who decides to form her own idol unit. Black Leopard announces the appearance of a special guest, who is soon revealed to be Blue Whale. Blue Whale announces that due to the recent explosion of Friends thanks to the volcano's eruption, a special commemorative event will be help in celebration. She confirms that PPP will attend, but with a caveat: the idol unit will be competing against a new idol unit, named Savanna Girls.

Blue Whale then immediately appoints Serval to be the leader of the new idol unit, much to her surprise and joy. Serval excitedly announces that she has already chosen the second member of her unit - Okapi. Okapi is shocked and does not want to participate initially. She attempts to reject the proposal, feeling like she cannot be confident in her abilities. However, Serval successfully convinces her to join Savanna Girls during the play's next musical number, Savanna Super Girls. Afterwards, Blue Whale tries to convince Woolly Mammoth to have a contest of their own with her, but Woolly Mammoth declines, singing Mammoth's Song.

The preparations for the battle of the bands then begins, with Serval and Okapi setting out to the jungle area to discover new Friends to join their unit. Meanwhile, the story cuts to a short interlude featuring Raccoon and Fennec Fox carrying a box through the audience towards the stage, with Raccoon struggling heavily. They banter with the audience momentarily, carrying the box onto the stage itself. Taking a moment to rest, they pick the box back up, but comically do it in such a fashion that Raccoon carries the majority of the weight.




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