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{{FriendBox/Stage Play
{{FriendBox/Stage Play
|name=Saber-toothed Cat
|stageplaypic=SmilodonStage Play.jpg
|stageplaypic=SmilodonStage Play.jpg
|actress=Ran Sakai 酒井蘭
|actress=Ran Sakai 酒井蘭
{{FriendBuilder/Stage Play}}
{{FriendBuilder/Stage Play
|introduction='''Saber-toothed Cat''' is a [[Friend]] that appears in [[Stage Play "Kemono Friends"]].

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Saber-toothed Cat

SmilodonStage Play.jpg

Friend Data
Actress: Ran Sakai 酒井蘭
Smilodon Nexon Game Stage Play

Saber-toothed Cat is a Friend that appears in Stage Play "Kemono Friends".



Role in the Plot


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