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{{FriendBox/Stage Play
{{FriendBox/Stage Play
|name=Silver Fox
|name=Silver Fox
|stageplaypic=Silver Fox Stage Play 2.jpg|60px
|stageplaypic=Silver Fox Stage Play 2.jpg
|actress=Ayane Suzuki
|actress=Ayane Suzuki
|associates={{sbpg|Ezo Red Fox|Stage Play}}
|associates={{sbpg|Ezo Red Fox|Stage Play}}

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Silver Fox

Silver Fox Stage Play 2.jpg

Friend Data
Actress: Ayane Suzuki
Associated Characters: Ezo Red Fox
Silver Fox Anime Season 2 Manga Festival​ (Costume)​ Pavilion​ (Gen 2)​ KF3​ (V2)​ Kingdom Nexon Game Stage Play Gallery

Silver Fox appears as a character in the Stage Play "Kemono Friends 2" ~Kemonos of the Snowy_Night~.



Role in the Plot


Stage Play "Kemono Friends" 2 ~Kemonos of the Snowy Night~
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