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Shisa Right Manga.jpg

Friend Data
First Appearance: Chapter 14
Featured in Chapter(s): Chapter 14
Location: Riukiu area
Occupation: Unknown
Associated Characters: Shisa Lefty
Shisa Right Manga Festival​ (Costume)​ Pavilion KF3 Nexon Game Gallery

A Shisa Right Friend referred to as simply Shisa appears in chapter 14 of the Kemono Friends Manga. In her only appearance, she and Shisa Lefty lead Nana, Ezo Red Fox, Silver Fox, and Serval on a tour in the Riukiu area. Of the two Shisas, she is the only one who speaks and will sometimes speak in Okinawan.


Shisa Right is a welcoming and friendly girl. Her and Shisa Lefty lead Nana and the others on a tour in Riukiu and even came back home with them when Silver Fox wanted to bring back her and Shisa Lefty.

Role in the Plot

After learning about their fortune effects, Silver Fox decides to take home the Shisas.

When Nana, Serval, Silver Fox and Ezo Red Fox go to the Riukiu area for a group trip they meet with Shisa Right and Shisa Lefty, who have agreed to be their tour guides. Shisa Right greets them all in Okinawan and Nana is confused about what is being said. Silver Fox offers to translate and explains that Shisa said "Great, more happy-go-lucky idiots turning up. The nerve!". Nana questions the accuracy of the translation and Silver Fox admits that the actual translation is "Welcome!" "Hello." and "Nice to meet you." She also adds that "Stiff translations aren't [her] thing". Nana thanks the Shisas for guiding them and Shisa Right replies in Okinawan. Silver Fox says that the translation is "It's a pain in the butt, but if I must, I'll let you rely on me." and Nana mentally decides that her translation must be incorrect.

The Shisas lead everyone to the aquarium and Shisa Right says in English that "My top recommendation is the aquarium. It's actually still getting ready to open, but we'll give you a special tour!". Inside, Ezo Red Fox and Silver Fox look watch some spotted garden eels burrowed in the sand of their habitat. Silver Fox asks Ezo Red Fox what it is she's eating, and she shares that she bought some Taiyaki.

The group then moves on to the aquarium gift shop and Nana wonders what would make for good souvenirs to bring back. Shisa Right recommends Shikwasa juice on behalf of herself and Shisa Lefty. Nana agrees to buy it for the staff. Silver Fox picks up a Shisa ornament and asks if they're warding off evil. Shisa Right confirms this, saying "That's right. You place the Shisa with an open mouth on the right to invite in good fortune, and the Shisa with the closed mouth on the left to ward off misfortune". Hearing this, Silver Fox decides that she wants the Shisa girls themselves, grabbing the arm of Shisa Right and telling her "Shisa, I'll be taking you back with me."

On the train back home, Nana is happy with the trip and remarks that it looks like everyone enjoyed themselves. However, she notices that both Shisas are on the train too and is shocked. She asks them what they're doing on the train and Shisa Right answers in Okinawan.


Shisa Lefty

Shisa Right appears with Shisa Lefty, who does not speak. Because of this, Shisa Right will sometimes speak on behalf of both herself and Shisa Lefty.

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