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Friend Data
Voiced by: Yuka Ozaki
First Appearance: Episode 1
Home Area: Savanna
Associated Characters: Caracal, Kyururu
Has Promotional Video: Yes
Serval Anime Season 2 Manga Festival​ (Costume)​ Pavilion​ (Gen 2)​ KF3​ (V2)​ Kingdom Nexon Game Stage Play Gallery
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Serval is a Friend that appears as one of the main characters of Kemono Friends 2.


Serval is very energetic and supportive. She remains upbeat, positive, and a commitment to friendship and companionship with those she travels with over time. Serval is not afraid to tackle new challenges and is dedicated to protecting those she cares about, and knows when to take the initiative when facing threats and challenges on her own. Serval shows that she deeply cares for her friends, going as far to check on them in times of need, and has a knack for getting along and understanding people she is close to. While she may not be knowledgeable, she demonstates adaptablity, especially in times of need.

Throughout, Serval remains fiercely optimistic and a source of positivity in everything she does.

Role in the Plot

Serval decides to help Kyururu find his home. While she retains her helpful nature and cheerful perspective from the first season of Kemono Friends, she has notable gaps in her memory of her previous adventures with Kaban which remains by the end of the season.

Episode 1 - Beyond Memories

Serval saves Kyururu and Caracal by approaching one of the celliens from the back, destroy it and eliminate the other cellien up front. When Caracal asks why Serval is late, she says she has slept, and asks what Kyururu is. She names him "Kyururu" after the hungry rumblings coming out of his belly. Kyururu notes he is hungry and Caracal and Serval jokingly quip, "don't eat me", in reference to Kaban's line in Season 1's first episode. While Kyururu tastes a Japari Bun from Donkey's bread shop, Serval remarks Kyururu is an omnivore animal, which Kyururu retorts, and she tries to recall the little impression she has of adventures with a rare type of Friend called "human" when Caracal asks of that.

After Kyururu pictures his original home, Serval suggests the trio to search for Kyururu's home and notices the book Kyururu is holding when Caracal asks for the way to get the hints. She sets out after Caracal recognizes the scene in Kyururu's sketchbook, and Kyururu has to chase after her with Caracal. Arriving at the pond and looking at the second page of the sketchbook, she sets out again, only to be stopped by Eastern Spot-Billed Duck. Serval asks Eastern Spot-Billed Duck if she has seen the windmill page in Kyururu's sketchbook, and follows Eastern Spot-Billed Duck's lead. She jumps high to cross the gap on the way, and encourages Kyururu to do so with Caracal when he is frightened by its width. After arriving at the monorail station and a Cellien starts to attack the trio, Serval gestures Kyururu to follow her, away from Eastern Spot-Billed Duck and races up to the platform, where she fails to open the monorail car door, and is astonished when the monorail car starts up after boarding it. The trio watch the cellien hopping onto the track and being crushed by a shadow, with no idea what that shadow is. They thank Eastern Spot-Billed Duck for helping them out when she flies to the rail car and checks them, and rides toward Azua Park.

Serval's Animal Talk

She also appears in one of this episode's animal talk segments.

Episode 2 - Panda and Panda

On the monorail car, Serval learns of the idea of drawing when the trio discusses the sketchbook. Serval points out the bamboo in Azua Park matching with what is drawn in the sketchbook, which she refers to as "straight trees". She picks up the Giant Panda's snoring and is bewildered at the place she is lying on. After finding out Red Panda is also a type of Panda, Serval follows her with Kyururu and Caracal on the way to the playground. Once meeting a dead end, she does not hesitate to continue following Red Panda and ends up back to the trio's starting point.

Serval finds and picks up pieces of metal which Kyururu identifies as parts of the playground's equipment. After the slide and swings are fixed, she plays with them along with the other Friends and enjoys herself well. Afterwards, she jumps off one of the swings and lands. She thinks Caracal is fine after seeing her muddied face, embarrassing Caracal. Once Giant Panda finds the trio and the refurbished playground, Serval invites her to join them and play too. On the way out of Azua Park, Serval reminisces the fun of playing in the playground and astonishes at the sea in her view.

Creatures of the Sea

Serval is amazed by the sea and plays with the wave with Caracal. After knowing that one of the structures is missing in the Park, she suggests the trio to find and ask nearby Friends for the reason. The trio approach Common Bottlenose Dolphin and California Sea Lion and boards the boat parked at the pier. Serval enjoys the boat ride and appreciates the coral-laden seabed from the glass bottom of the boat. When Kyururu is at a loss for the way to follow the diving pair of marine Friends, she brings him a diver's helmet.

After the diving Friends and Kyururu return, Serval notices California Sea Lion juggling with a ball, which prompts Kyururu to improvise. Serval and Caracal are amused at marine Friends playing with Kyururu's toys, and Serval is excited enough to hop onto the buoy, only to fall into the sea and is rescued by Common Bottlenose Dolphin. The trio claps at the performance and the two cats praises the marine Friends for their show. When the trio leaves, Serval wishes for the trio to see the pair again, and the trio then hurries away. On the monorail car, Serval pokes fun at Caracal's love for what happened even though she was sick of the sea.



Caracal and Serval are together and are prior friends in the beginning of the series.


Kaban and Serval do not demonstrate an obvious history with one another. Kaban shows she has a connection to Serval, but Serval doesn't entirely acknowledge this, despite getting a familiar feeling from Kaban.

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