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Friend Data
Voiced by: Yuka Ozaki (JP)
Dani Chambers (EN)
First Appearance: Episode 1
Home Area: Savanna
Associated Characters: Kaban
Has Promotional Video: Yes
Serval Anime Season 2 Manga Festival​ (Costume)​ Pavilion​ (Gen 2)​ KF3 Nexon Game Stage Play Gallery

Serval is one of the main characters of the Kemono Friends anime.


Her personality is akin to a ball of sunshine; she's blindingly positive and seems incapable of seeing anything other than silver lining. She places deep trust in her friends, has curiosity befitting a cat, and enjoys helping those in need. The tenacity and friendliness of this feline Friend knows no bounds, and they give her the strength to overcome literal mountains. A Friend willing to give her all for others, Serval's kindness extends to even giving up her own life for her Friends.

Role in the Plot

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Episode 1 - Savanna Area

Serval introduces Kaban to Japari Park, informs her of the Japari Library, where Kaban can find out her species, and leads her there. Together, they manage to defeat a large, spherical Cerulean blocking the path between the Savanna and Jungle biomes. Despite originally intending to only lead Kaban to the exit, she decides to continue traveling with her.

Episode 2 - Jungle Area

After traveling through the jungle, Serval and Kaban work together, with the help of Asian Small-Clawed Otter and Jaguar, to create a bridge so that they can reunite the two halves of the currently defunct Japari Bus.

Episode 3 - Mountain

Upon reuniting the Bus's parts, Kaban and Serval are instructed to head to Japari Café in order to recharge the Bus's discharged battery. Due to lack of passenger space on Crested Ibis, Serval ends up climbing the mountain with her bare hands. Upon reaching the top, she helps Suri Alpaca's café become more noticeable to Friends by helping to mow a sign into the grass.

Episode 4 - Desert Area

With the battery charged and Bus functional, the trio travel into the Desert Biome, where Kaban and Serval end up trapped within a maze. Serval, in her overconfidence, manages to alert a host of Cerulean to their presence and unleashes their wrath upon Kaban and herself.

Episode 5 - Lake Shore

Serval ends up steering the Japari Bus and crashes into the logs North American Beaver had planned on using for a house. Unfortunately, the logs were lost, and Serval ends procuring new materials for Beaver with the help of Prairie Dog.

Episode 6 - Plains

After being apprehended by Aurochs and Arabian Oryx, Serval ends up infiltrating Moose's army in order to get them to adopt a safer way to wage war and help them win against Lion's army. Serval plays the role of decoy by hiding behind a bush and pretending to be Moose, which allows Moose's army to surprise Aurochs and Oryx.

Episode 7 - Japari Library

In this episode, Serval navigates a forest labyrinth with Kaban and ends up at the library, where they find out that Kaban is actually a Human. In order to obtain this information from Northern White-Faced Owl and Eurasian Eagle-Owl, Serval helps chop up the vegetables that are necessary for Kaban’s tribute to the Owls.

Episode 8 - PPP Live

In this segment featuring Penguins Performance Project, Serval helps Royal Penguin come to terms with her insecurity and bring the newest generation of PPP to a dazzling debut .

Episode 9 - Snowy Mountains Area

Serval meets the Fox Friends at the hot spring, where another recording is triggered from Lucky. After listening to the Mirai recordings from Lucky, Serval realizes she recognizes the voices.

Episode 10 - Lodge

Serval has a secret midnight Japariman snack and helps Kaban realize the true identity of the mysterious ghost at the inn.

Episode 11 - Cerulean

Serval, with the help of Raccoon and Fennec Fox, manages to help reapply the barrier at the top of the Sandstar mountain with the Four God Tablets. She also works with Lucky and Kaban to try and lead the giant Black Cerulean to the ocean using the Japari Bus. Unfortunately, Serval ends up sacrificing herself to save Kaban and Lucky from the Cerulean's strike and gets absorbed.

Episode 12 - Amusement Park

Serval desperately fights the giant Cerulean in order to save Kaban, but ultimately is unable to by herself. However, she manages to distract the Cerulean after the extraction of Kaban by making and launching a burning paper airplane. This buys the friends enough time to move Kaban somewhere safer. After defeating the Cerulean, Serval surprises Kaban with the Japari Boat so that Kaban can continue her search for other humans. As a final surprise, Serval, in Serval fashion, secretly tails her before revealing that she will once again be Kaban's companion.



Serval is her first and closest Friend. Together, they journey through Japari Park, meet new Friends, and fight off Ceruleans as they work together to solve the mystery of Kaban's species. She believes that Kaban can take care of any problem that arises and places an incredible amount of trust in her; Serval goes as far as to sacrifice herself to save Kaban from the Giant Cerulean. The bond these two share, strengthened by the trials they overcome throughout their journey, seems unbreakable as the two continue to remain inseparable even after the two depart from the first island, Kyoshu.


Lucky is an acquaintance of Serval that she and Kaban run into upon entering the Jungle Biome. While he does not typically speak to Friends, the two grow close throughout their journey, and Lucky even ends up speaking to Serval for the first time. To highlight the growth of their friendship, it should be noted that Lucky speaks Serval’s name as one of his final words when he goes down with the ship.


She seems to be a longtime acquaintance of Serval in the Savannah as she is quite familiar with Serval’s strengths and general silliness, at least on good enough terms to tease her.

Penguins Performance Project

As the popular idol sensation of Japari Park, Serval appears to be both knowledgeable about the group and a fan.

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