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Azure Dragon of the East


Character Data
Also known as: Bluegreen Dragon, Green Dragon, Blue Dragon, Seiryu,
Japanese Name: セイリュウ
Romanised Name: Seiryuu
First Featured in: Kemono Friends (2015 Game)
Animal Data
Scientific Name: None
Distribution: None
Diet: Unknown
Average Lifespan in the Wild: None
Read More: Azure Dragon
Conservation Status: Uma label.png
Seiryu Pavilion KF3 Nexon Game

Azure Dragon of the East is a goddess Friend that appeared in the original Kemono Friends mobile game.


Azure Dragon of the East has blue hair with two long bunches that turns slightly green at the edge, eatch of them are attached by a golden bracelets. She has a very small high stand collar attached to a white tie, on top she is dressed with a blue jacket full-lenght sleeves and a short circular skirt with blue and white pressed-in ridges almost similars as a typical university uniform.

As the others goddesses a little badge is attached on the left of her torso with the symbol of Japari Park on it. She owns blue gloves and golden bracelets surrounding her arms with the same colors as the ones attached to her hair. She bears a large bow on her back and a long dragon tail with a fur the long of it and fur at the tip of it. She wears blue thigh-high socks and fur-lined shoe similar as the fur on her tail.

In Real Life

The Chinese constellation Azure Dragon of the East

The Azure Dragon is one of the Dragon Gods who represent the mount or chthonic forces of the Five Forms of the Highest Deity. He is also one of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellations, which are the astral representations of the Wufang Shangdi. The Azure Dragon corresponds to the season of spring. In ancient times, the dragon enjoyed a much higher status in China than in India, as the Chinese believe dragons are a supreme holy animal, the symbol of the emperor.


  • Although Chinese dragons are commonly associated with water, the Azure Dragon is the exception, as its element is wood.
  • Its seven mansions are the Horn, Neck, Root, Room, Heart, Tail, and Winnowing Basket.