Plaything Name: Japanese Plaything Name: Rarity: Effective Area: Generation: Land or Water? Implemented: Time Limited?
Seesaw シーソー ★★★ Mountain Generation ? Land January 26th, 2018 No
Plaything ID Craftable? Sturdy Wood Soft Cloth Cold Stone Stretchy Rubber Rough Steel Attraction coin
0044 Yes 400 150 300 200 None None
Normal Behaviors: Unique Behaviors: Liked By:
1. Sitting on the lower end of the seesaw
2. Walking around in front
None Kemotalk 010003001 01.pngKemotalk 010006001 01.pngKemotalk 010009001 01.pngKemotalk 010010001 01.pngKemotalk 010107001 01.png
Description: ?
Japanese Description: ぎったんばったん愉快なシーソー。端っこに乗ると上がったり下がったり。真ん中に乗っても楽しめる。
Update History: 3/4/20 - This item was made craftable, and now attracts Red Panda EX.