Schomburgk's Deer

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Schomburgk's Deer

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Character Data
Japanese Name: ションブルクジカ
Romanised Name: Shonburukujika
First Featured in: Kemono Friends (2015 Game)
Animal Data
Scientific Name: Rucervus schomburgki
Distribution: Thailand
Diet: Unknown
Average Lifespan in the Wild: Unknown
Read More: Schomburgk's deer
Conservation Status: Status iucn3.1 EX.svg.png
Schomburgk's Deer Nexon Game

The Schomburgk's Deer is a type of Friend that appeared in the original Kemono Friends mobile game.


The most notable feature of Schomburgk's Deer is her antlers. Two produce from her head, and are a strong lightning-blue color at the base, fading into white as it reaches the tips. Her weapon is a double-ended glaive, with antlers acting as the blades.

She wears a uniform, which includes a brown skirt and jacket, a blue and white shirt, and a red bow. Around her midriff is a large blue bow tied around the back. Her wrists and shins are covered by brown bracers, and she wears sandals on her feet.

In Real Life

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