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Ipfs.io. (2017). Schomburgk's deer. [online] Available at: https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmXoypizjW3WknFiJnKLwHCnL72vedxjQkDDP1mXWo6uco/wiki/Schomburgk's_deer.html [Accessed 9 Dec. 2017].
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[[Category:Real Animal Friends]] [[Category:Mammal Friends]] [[Category:Deer Friends]] [[Category:Extinct Friends]] [[Category:Nexon Game Debuts]]

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Schomburgk's Deer

Schomburgk's DeerOriginal.jpg

Character Data
Japanese Name: ションブルクジカ
Romanised Name: Shonburukujika
First Featured in: Kemono Friends (2015 Game)
Animal Data
Scientific Name: Rucervus schomburgki
Distribution: Thailand
Diet: Unknown
Average Lifespan in the Wild: Unknown
Read More: Schomburgk's deer
Conservation Status: Status iucn3.1 EX.svg.png
Schomburgk's Deer Nexon Game

The Schomburgk's Deer is a type of Friend that appeared in the original Kemono Friends mobile game.


The most notable feature of Schomburgk's Deer is her antlers. Two produce from her head, and are a strong lightning-blue color at the base, fading into white as it reaches the tips. Her weapon is a double-ended glaive, with antlers acting as the blades.

She wears a uniform, which includes a brown skirt and jacket, a blue and white shirt, and a red bow. Around her midriff is a large blue bow tied around the back. Her wrists and shins are covered by brown bracers, and she wears sandals on her feet.

In Real Life

A proud -- but unfortunately extinct -- Schomburgk's deer.

Unfortunately, the Schomburgk's Deer was classified as extinct in 2006. The wild population of Schomburgk's deer was wiped out due to overhunting in 1932, and the final known Schomburgk's deer in captivity was killed in 1938. Some scientists are still hopeful that there are some still in the wild, but none have been found yet.

They were named in 1863, after Bangkok's British consul Richard H. Schomburgk. They mostly resided in Thailand, but were also reported to appear in China. They were brown with white undersides, and the antlers of the males would reach almost a meter long each.

They used to enjoy roaming swampy plains for food, but these were eventually turned into rice paddies by human encroachment. Forced out of their habitats, they had to find new homes that weren't subject to being hit by the occasional flooding. This meant they had to live on high ground, which made them easier to spot by hunters and accelerating their demise.

There are still collections of skulls and fur from the Schomburgk's deer scattered around the world, but the only place to see what one would have looked like as it lived is in the Paris Natural History Museum, where a taxidermy replica of the deer can be found in the The Room of Endangered and Extinct Species.


  • In 1991, antlers of this deer were discovered in a Chinese medicine shop in Lao.


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