Sandstar Volcano

The Sandstar Volcano (Japanese:サンドスター火山 Hepburn:Sandosutā Kazan) is a type of volcano unique to Japari Park.

Sandstar Volcano


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Japari Park
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The exterior of Sandstar Volcano is characterized by Sandstar crystals extending skyward from near the crater. The eruption of this volcano is characterized by the spewing of sandstars. This eruption will give birth to Friends like Kaban. A Sandstar Volcano in the Kyōshū Region may spew Sandstar RAW, which is filtered by the Four Gods to prevent it.


In Kemono Friends (2017 Anime)

The Sandstar volcano in the Kyōshū Region, which appears in this animation, is called a sanctuary and is off-limits. This volcano erupted one day, giving birth to Kaban. On the other hand, the Four Gods in the crater had shifted, causing the sand star filter to stop functioning. Because of this situation, the Black Cerulean was born and the Cellien hunter were dispatched. Later, Kaban, Serval, Raccoon, and Fennec Fox arrived, restored the four gods to their original positions, and restored the filter. However, filter restoration alone was not enough to deal with the Black Cerulean, and the Black Cerulean was resolved by combat.

Other Appearances

In Kemono Friends Festival

A Sandstar Volcano in the Riukiu region appears in the background of this game.


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