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Character Data
Japanese Name: サチコ
First Featured in: Stage Play Kemono Friends "JAPARI STAGE!" ~Big Ears and Small Miracles~
Gender: Female
Actress: Shizuka Morita
Occupation: Students
Status: Unknown

Sachiko is a character of Stage Play Kemono Friends "JAPARI STAGE!" ~Big Ears and Small Miracles~.


Sachiko wears a basic sailor uniform and a shoulder bag. Apart from its clothing and hair color, it looks much like Resplendent Quetzal. Metaphorically speaking, the actors are the same.


Sachiko is an eccentric young girl with a keen interest in wild birds. She does not seem to be interested in anything else. And she has a habit of imagining wild birds in human form, which she keeps in a notebook. She has a friend, Miri, but other than that she doesn't seem to have any particular friends. For this reason, she often talks to her Siberian Husky "Chief".

Role in the Plot

Stage Play Kemono Friends "JAPARI STAGE!" ~Big Ears and Small Miracles~

Sachiko was a student at the island school that would later become Japari Park. At that school, she spent her daily life in the birding club. However, when the school closes to make way for the establishment of Japari Park, Miri and Sachiko have a falling out when we decide to put on something for the farewell party. Shortly thereafter, a Siberian Husky, "Chief," is sadly killed when she is run over by a trolley. Later, Miri tells her that "Chief" has come back to life as Friends, and she goes to see her and learns that this is true. And when Sachiko hears that there is a crisis in the world of "Chief"'s due to power shortages, she and Miri take action. First, the girls steal the key to the windmill control room kept at the school and give it to the "Chief". That didn't solve the situation, so now Miri had to repair the control panel of the wind turbine. Sachiko was making costumes for her friends for the farewell party and dressed herself as Resplendent Quetzal. Later, when the hole in the cave was closed by an unforeseen accident, Sachiko calmly accepted the fact. She then attended the school's farewell party and placed a smartphone with a recording of the farewell party in a time capsule.



Miri is a friend of Sachiko. She understands the eccentric Sachiko very well.

Siberian Husky

Sachiko has named her Siberian Husky "Chief" and they get along well. That does not change even after becoming Friends.


  • The name Sachiko means "happy girl" when generally translated into Kanji in Japan. She dresses up as Resplendent Quetzal because Resplendent Quetzal is a bird that is a sign of happiness, and the meaning is supposed to match.

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