S2E05: The Power of Humans

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Episode 5 - The Power of Humans


Episode Data
Japanese Title:  ?
Broadcast Date:  ?
Previous Episode: S2E04: Different Kinds of Houses
Next Episode: S2E06: A New Morning

The Power of Humans is the fifth episode of the second season of the Kemono Friends anime series. The episode features the Jungle Area.


Kyururu, Serval and Caracal continue their trek in the jungle area, with the "help" of the grey Lucky Friend. As he's usually not that talkative, he explains that he needs to conserve battery life and won't talk until something important happens.

The trio come across Saltwater Crocodile and Spectacled Caiman, along with their rivals, Leopard and Black Leopard who doubt Kyururu's explanation about being humans, as they were told that humans were scary. Kyururu's attempts to back up the statement by talking to the Lucky Beast fails as he conveniently ran out of battery. The crocodilians and the Leopard sisters agree that their boss would be able to tell if Kyururu was a human since she's met one before.

After continued bickering between the crocodilians and the Leopard sisters, Boss Gorilla appears and, after sizing her up, takes Kyururu, Serval, and Caracal back with her to her hideout. The hideout matches up with one of Kyururu's previous drawings. When they arrive, they find that much of Boss Gorilla's tough front is an act, as she's far more relaxed in her hideout away from the four other Friends. She explains that she told the other Jungle Friends that the human she met was big and scary just to keep them in line. She says that they come around the Jungle Area sometimes and that she would introduce the trio to them if they wanted. Boss Gorilla asks Kyururu about a rumor that once humans tried to make animals do their bidding and how she can do that to keep the other four in line. At around the same time, the crocodilians and the Leopard sisters discuss learning the same thing from Kyururu so they could control their rival groups.

Kyururu has no clue about how a human could control animals like that, so Boss Gorilla asks them to try and convince the four other Friends that humans are scary. Despite Kyururu's unconvincing roars and Serval and Caracal's strange shaking, they somehow manage to intimidate the crocodilians and the Leopard sisters. Since this incident proved to the rival Friend groups that the rumor about humans being scary was true, Saltwater Crocodile and Spectacled Caiman start pulling on one of Kyururu's arms and the Leopards start pulling on the other, demanding that the human join their side of the rivalry. When Serval and Caracal confront them, Boss Gorilla uses the commotion to help sneak Kyururu away. When Boss Gorilla notes that even if Kyururu is a human, she has no way to control other animals, Kyururu has an idea.

Serval and Caracal beat the other Jungle friends in a fight, after Saltwater Crocodile and Spectacled Caiman says that "the human" had strong servants. Caracal denies that she and Serval are Kyururu's servants and, after Black Leopard asks how Kyururu took control of Caracal, says that they're doing it out of their free will. Serval says that she doesn't think that humans are as scary as the Jungle friends are making them out to be.

Kyururu returns with Boss Gorilla, dramatically stating that a long time ago, humans knew how to control all animals and that when a fight would happen, humans would have the animals fight so the humans wouldn't get their hands dirty. The method turns out to be another one of Kyururu's games: drawn and cut-out game pieces featuring Serval and Caracal on a box with a sumo ring drawn on top of it. The cats play a round, which Serval wins. The players tap the box with their knuckles and whichever player's piece drops first, loses. The Jungle Friends are underwhelmed by the revelation, but Saltwater Crocodile and Leopard decide to play after seeing Kyururu's handcrafted game pieces featuring their likenesses. Their round ends in a draw. Both of them decide to fight again, with Spectacled Caiman and Black Leopard wanting a turn. The grey Lucky Beast suddenly wakes up, sensing danger.
Kaban appears to lead the others to safety.

Siberian Tiger suddenly arrives in a strange state. Derived of all sense, she sports a purple aura and has strange Sandstar colored sparkles around her. While Boss Gorilla evacuates the other Jungle Friends, Serval and Caracal stand their ground to try and defend Kyururu. Instead of fighting, Siberian Tiger follows a blue paper airplane with fire on the tip. Serval is in a strange state afterward, staring off into the distance. Another human, an older Kaban, appears, indicating that the trio and the Jungle Friends should escape before Siberian Tiger comes back. Serval and Kaban meet eyes, reunited again.

Major Events

  • Siberian Tiger appears in a possessed state in front of Kyururu, scaring off the Jungle friends, but she's distracted by a strange paper airplane.
  • An older Kaban arrives to help Kyururu and the Friends escape. Both Serval and Kaban are surprised to see each other.


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Minor Characters

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